Miracle Drink- Apple, Beetroot and Carrot Juice

What do you get when you mix together apple, carrot and beetroot juice? You get Miracle drink.

The drink has gained fame by the name, “Mricale Drink” because the countless benefits it gives to your brain and body is truly a miracle.

This powerful drink was introduced by Chinese Herbalists for the treatment of lung cancer and many other diseases ages ago. But currently it has gained massive popularity all over the world because of its magical health benefits.

The drink is simple to make all you need is a juicer, apples, carrots and beetroots. Juice them with their skins on and consume right after making it. Do not store. How many carrots, apples or beets you add to the juice is up to your own taste. You can either add more carrots or increase the quantity of apples. For best results, try to take them in equal quantities. You can even add lime juice to enhance its taste but do not add sugar.

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