10 Health Benefits of Eating Tomatoes

Tomatoes are one confused fruit. They are considered to be a vegetable globally, when in reality, they are plain red citrus fruits. Eaten in various ways, raw, fried, baked, tossed and what not, they are always found in any healthy kitchen. Even if you’re not going for fresh tomatoes, you get canned tomatoes everywhere now easily due to their naturally high acidity level. It’s a fruit genuinely found everywhere in the world and used by all cultures. It has a sweet taste and is used in almost every dish, salad and even for garnishing. Tomatoes are a big favorite around the world and are cultivated at a pretty large scale globally.

Tomatoes are citrus fruits containing loads of healthy nutrients that are needed by the body. Every single tomato comes full packed with vitamins, iron, sodium, fiber etc. Many children as well as adults eat it like an apple, other prefer it in salads with some seasoning. Everyone has their own way of eating tomatoes as they are one loved fruit.

Health Benefits Of Tomatoes

There are many benefits that one might get from tomatoes. A few of them are given below with details to support them.

  1. Fights against cancer: tomatoes have a substance called lycopene, the compound responsible for the red color that it has. This substance helps ward off cancer and is present abundantly in even processed tomatoes, where the cooking breaks the cell walls of the cells present in this substance. It helps ward off lung, prostate and even stomach cancer.
  2. Protection of DNA: tomatoes contain large amounts of antioxidants in the form of vitamin C and vitamin A. these vitamins shield the DNA from any sort of damage that may be caused from the free radicals in our bodies. Moreover, these vitamins actively defend the body against diseases such as atherosclerosis or diabetes by strengthening the immune system.
  3. Lower risk of heart diseases: studies have shown that people who eat lots of tomatoes are at a lower risk of heart problems. Nutrients such as niacin, Vitamin B6 and folate are present in tomatoes to resist cardiovascular diseases. People who have 5-10 servings of tomatoes per week are in the safe list.
  4. Presence of Vitamin K: vitamin K is essentially needed by the body for strong bones and this fruit does the right job by providing us with an extra-large dose of vitamin K. vitamin K also helps enhance healing powers, so if there is any cell damage, tissue damage, ligament damage or tendon damage, eat lots of tomatoes. You intake of tomatoes should be high you are facing any sort of injury anywhere.
  5. Getting a healthy skin: tomatoes have many minerals and nutrients in them. When it comes to achieving skin benefits, tomatoes prove to come in handy. We might have seen on TV tomatoes being placed on the face and skin of ladies. Well, it actually works. It works as a cleanser and easily deteriorates all dirt particles stuck to your skin. Its acidity plays a pivotal role in such a situation. It helps bring out fresher skin.
  6. Healthy heavy hair: if you have a hair fall problem, we have one good solution for that. Tomatoes yet again come in handy for they provide the scalp nutrition for ideal for better hair growth, both increasing the length and volume. Grind the tomatoes and make a paste out of them, then apply this paste to your scalp for 20 minutes and then wash with Luke warm water. The results will be positive.
  7. Aid in vision: tomatoes help to keep our vision well. Whether you wear glasses or not, vitamin A from the tomatoes will help in making your day time as well as night time vision good. It has been seen that either vision becomes better or it stays at that one number that it was for quite some time, considering the dose of tomatoes remain constant.
  8. Taking control over cholesterol: cholesterol level can also be controlled with the help of tomatoes. They contain vitamin B as well as potassium that help lower the cholesterol level that usually goes high in most people unbalancing the blood sugar level.
  9. Anti-smoking damages: tomatoes can’t help you quit smoking, yet, it does help a person face it consequences. The many mineral and vitamins present in the tomatoes help to deal with the damages induced by smoking in the lungs as well as other systems of the body. So it again supports the immune system of the body by making it stronger.
  10. Healthier Kidneys and goodbye Gallstones: eating tomatoes without its seeds has been surveyed to show case marvelous results. It usually shows how the efficiency of the kidneys increases and also lowers the chance of having Gallstones or any other kidney problems. In fact, without the seeds, the tomatoes are very beneficial for the blood circulatory system as a whole.