10 Slightly Disturbing Facts About Belly Buttons

Belly buttons, the wonderful birthmark that we’re all left with. Some of us have innies while others have outties. Some are pierced and have wonderful displays of jewellery (or not-so-wonderful displays), while others may just be naked and shown in are their glory. Here are 10 facts you probably didn’t know about belly buttons.

1. Some People Have No Belly Button

Some people are born with defects known as an umbilical hernia  or gastroschisis – a condition where the intestines poke through the intestinal wall. These conditions result in surgery that leaves the baby with no belly button.

Belly Button

2. The belly button is your first scar.

Assuming you’re not one of the few that have no belly button, the belly button is actually your first scar. It is acquired after the umbilical cord is cut. All mammals start with a belly button (as long as they don’t come from an egg).

3. Belly buttons harbour mass amounts of bacteria.

Yeah, that’s pretty gross to think about, but it’s true. A paper titled “A Jungle in There,” which was conducted in 2012 investigated the biological diversity of the belly button. They found that there were a total of 2,368 species in the belly button, with the average human having about 67 different kinds.

4. Belly button piercings take an extremely long time to heal.

It takes anywhere between 6 – 12 months for a belly button piercing to heal. If it’s not properly taken care of (kept clean and dry), some pretty nasty infections that really hurt could appear.

5. Men tend to have more belly button lint.

This is generally due to presence of stomach hair. All belly button lint really consists of is some fabric from your clothing, dead skin, and hair. Want to solve the problem? Make sure you shave the hair around your belly button. Innies are also more susceptible to belly button lint than outties.

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