11 Clever Ways To Use Vicks VapoRub

She Buys Vicks, Even Though She Doesn’t Have A Cold. How She Uses It Instead Is Genius!

You know how people say, “Some things never change”? When it comes to cures for the common cold, this could not be more true. Chances are that you still use your mom’s chicken soup recipe and Vick’s VapoRub for yourself and your family. Why? Because it works!

Vick’s VapoRub has become the tried and true classic for clearing up chest congestion, but did you know that there’s more that this medicine cabinet staple can do besides help you on the road to recovery? These surprising tips and tricks will make you see VapoRub in a whole new light. Did you know about any of these?

12 Clever Ways To Use Vicks VapoRub

1. Aromatherapy

If your humidifier has an aromatherapy compartment, add some VapoRub to circulate around an entire room. This is great way to clear congestion if you’re sick or just freshen up a room with the scent of Vick’s.

2. Soothe sore muscles

If you went a little too hard in spin class, rub some VapoRub on your muscles after an intense workout to help soothe soreness and inflammation. Check out tip #10 for another pain-reliving benefit of VapoRub.

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3. Stop a squeaky door hinge

If a squeaky door is driving you crazy and you’re out of WD-40, rub a little VapoRub on the door hinge. VapoRub has a petroleum jelly (also known as Vaseline) base, so it will oil the hinge and stop the squeaks!

4. Ease earache pain

For mild earaches, place VapoRub on a cotton ball and put it in your ear to reduce the pain (be careful — it should just sit gently in the cup of your ear. Don’t push it into the ear canal!). VapoRub will not treat an earache, but it will at least make the pain a little bit more manageable.

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