4 Surprising Facts That Will Make You Say No To Gatorade

Every time i’m watching a sports game and I see an athlete drink gatorade or throw the gatorade towel over their shoulder I laugh and think “really? this is still seen as the icon, the top symbol for a sports drink?” It’s astonishing really. With science developing and discovering more at a faster rate than ever before you’d think there would be an alternative by this point that is an actual sports drink that improves athletic performance.


Gatorade is cheap, not in cost but in quality. It’s actually quite expensive for what you’re buying, we’ll get to that later. As far as quality is concerned you’re basically buying a water that has a bunch of sugar added, with a bit of red and blue dye, plus some other crap. If gatorade is a “sports drink” you must be playing golf, because it won’t actually be giving you an athletic advantage, let alone do anything good for your health long term. Oddly enough I drank gatorade when I was a kid at my job, as a caddie.

Let’s take a look at the gatorade label to dive into what it is that you’re actually buying, and why you should completely skip this purchase next time and every time thereafter.

gatorade lable

As you can see the ingredients list water, sugar, sucralose (an artificial sweetener), some contain dextrose, corn or high fructose corn syrup (a gmo food), red dye, blue dye, some labels contain brominated vegetable oil (from soybeans), natural flavors, salt. Essential it’s a bottle of water with sugar, added artificial sweeteners, food dye and one or a few GMO ingredients, depending on the flavor you get.

Now, as a health researcher and someone who has been always interested in athletic performance this is quite the list to go through and provide some clarity.(Continue On Next Page)

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