6 Drinks to Fight Ageing

Ageing is not a problem rather it’s a natural phenomenon which scares the bejesus out of females in particular. One can simply not keep from ageing but yes, there are various natural ways through which you can slow down the process or mask it for a while. Today we’ll be looking at 6 drinks which are not only beneficial for you but they would also help you in fighting ageing. You do not have to opt out for cosmetic treatments or products because the solution to fight ageing lies right here.

Let’s now look at the top 6 drinks which keep you away from ageing for quite some time.

Beverages Ice Water


Kudos to that person who first said that ‘water is a blessing’ it is indeed as it does not only fulfill our daily liquid-intake requirements but it also helps in fighting ageing. In fact when you drink water then it does not only contributes towards maintaining your body temperature but it also transports oxygen to cells and also helps in protecting joints and body organs. Apart from that, drinking water keeps your body hydrating and also brings glow and a young look on your skin. It also takes part in removing waste from body.  That is the reason why, water comes on top in our list of top 6 anti-ageing drinks. As a food for thought, you should develop a habit of drinking at least 8 – 10 glass of water daily to fight acne, wrinkles and skin dryness

Red Wine

Second on the list we have, ‘Red Wine’ which is enriched with resveratrol compound which has anti-aging properties and it also contains naturally occurring polyphenols antioxidant due to grapes which are very helpful in fighting ageing. Moreover, when you drink vino then your body releases a compound called piceatannol which helps you stunt the fat-cell growth in body. So you could say that red wine fights two-way against ageing. Further, you can have a glass of this wine after dinner to keep yourself away from ageing

Why Milk is Important for you


Milk is very healthy and beneficial for a human as it provides you with calcium which is loved by your bones and then it provides you with protein which is loved by your muscles. In fact if we said that milk is essential to drink for humans of all age then it would not be wrong because it fulfills a lot of requirements in our bodies and also keeps us strong, fit and healthy. Therefore, you should drink at least one glass of milk daily to avoid problems in bones and muscles and also, to fight ageing


Fourth in the list is coffee which is enriched with antioxidants that do not only enhance your neural function and help you in fighting Parkinson disease but also rev up your cognitive functions along with metabolism.  Moreover, drinking a cup of coffee in breakfast would not only help you in keeping your heart healthy and juvenile but also prevents few cancer types to trigger in your body by reducing their chances of occurrence

green tea

Green Tea

Fifth entry of the list of top 6 drinks is ‘Green Tea’ which is another good option to fight ageing in humans as it is rich in antioxidants which help in keeping you away from ageing. For instance oligomeric proanthocyanidins antioxidant can be found in great quantity in green tea which actually slows down the premature ageing effects and eventually, fights ageing. Apart from that green tea also boosts the metabolism in a human while black tea helps in maintaining the right blood pressure level. Moreover, drinking green tea daily is beneficial for you in another way as it protects the skin from harmful radicals and also fights against breast cancer very effectively. You can have it any time of the day, before or after breakfast, brunch, lunch or dinner even

Hot Cocoa

Who does not love hot cocoa? Do we have anybody who does not? On one end where hot cocoa is very tasty to drink while on the other it qualifies as a drink number 6 to fight ageing in humans. So if you are an addict then do not worry as you are going to remain young and beautiful for quite some time. Just like red wine, hot cocoa also contains resveratrol compound which in turn is enriched with naturally occurring polyphenol antioxidants that help in fighting ageing very effectively and efficiently. Moreover, hot cocoa is good for your health and it keeps your skin young-looking so you can have it daily for few times a day in order to enjoy its impressive anti-ageing properties. In fact a research has shown that hot cocoa contains more antioxidants than coffee, green tea and red wine

Above is mentioned a list of top 6 drinks that help in fighting ageing. You can try them out in order to keep your skin naturally young for an enough time period.