6 Pain-Killing Foods to Replace Pain Medication

Back pain is possibly one of the worst types of pain you can experience. It affects how you use the rest of your body, makes it difficult to get the physical movement and activity you need, and can often lead to pain in your legs or other extremities.

However, there are quite a few side effects associated with using pharmaceutical pain relief methods. Instead, learn more about using natural foods that fight pain.

pain killing foods

Why Food is Superior to Pharmaceutical Treatments

If you are used to using pharmaceutical treatments for your back pain, you have likely seen what kind of side effects they can have. Over-the-counter treatments can cause nausea and other digestive problems.

Prescription pain medications are even worse. Not only can they cause digestive issues, you may become dependent on them and they can often lead to drowsiness or fatigue.

On the flip side, consider that food does not have side effects. Rather, consuming food for pain relief involves using natural vitamins and minerals in food to treat your pain.

Foods You Should Eat for Natural Pain Relief

There are many different foods that can give you the benefits of pain relief without the side effects of pharmaceuticals. Next time you feel a backache coming on, reach for one of these foods instead of the pill bottle.

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