6 Reasons Sleeping Without Clothes Is Good For Your Health

Society requires us to cover up, some cultures more than others. We are so used to wearing clothes throughout the day that it almost feels odd when we shed our layers once we get home. One sleep survey found that a mere 8 percent of Americans snooze in the buff, making it surprising to many to learn that sleeping without the confines of clothing can offer a variety of health benefits.

From the many studies to the personal experience, we already know the importance of getting a good night’s sleep on a regular basis, but why not round out your rest with the added bonus of sleeping without clothes? Here are six benefits of baring it all in the name of health:

Sleeping Naked Is Good For Your Health

1. You allow your body to breathe.

We trap our skin beneath tight undergarments, shoes, socks, jeans, button-ups, suits, jackets, scarves, hats, and so much more. We spend our entire day hindering our bodies from airing out. Not providing your body proper breathing room can have some downsides, including clogged pores, skin diseases like athlete’s foot and Intertrigo, and for women, wearing underwear while you sleep traps bacteria and yeast. So when you take it off, you allow your skin to cleanse, and you lessen your chances of yeast infections.

2. Your stress levels will decrease, and you’ll feel closer to your partner.

Cuddling with your significant other is soothing. You feel safe, secure, and connected. And skin-on-skin contact adds an extra level of intimacy, which studies have found can de-stress you even more by lowering blood pressure and relaxing you thanks to the release of the hormone oxytocin. Furthermore, a 2014 survey on married couples discovered that people who slept naked were more satisfied in their relationships.

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