7 Everyday Habits That Are Causing Your Breasts to Sag

A recent study revealed that breast tissue ages two – three years faster in comparison to the rest of the body. Breast sagging normally begins between ages 21 – 25 when your stem cells are not produced as much as when you were younger. A poor diet and bad health habits are the main cause of sagging breasts. If you want to prevent your breasts from sagging, there are seven every day habits that you need to avoid.

cause of sagging breast


A well-known cause for the skin’s loss of elasticity is smoking. It not only causes your breasts to drop, but also reduces the collagen amount in the skin and worsens blood circulation.

Bad posture

A bad posture will not only affect your back, but also your breasts. A bad posture causes your breasts to remain in an unnatural position. If this is done for long duration’s, it leads to sagging breasts. Make sure you are always sitting/standing/walking upright. Additionally, you can ensure you use ergonomic chairs when you are working.


Lack of exercise is also a cause of sagging breasts. However, heavy workouts require the use of sports bras as they will support your breasts. Back and forth repetitive motions, like when jogging, can cause saggy breasts.

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