7 Signs He Is Playing You For a Fool

We want to trust our guys and think that they are only up to the most wholesome of activities. However, sometimes things feel off. This could be our imaginations running wild or there could really be some truth to our gut instincts. Instead of checking his phone, watch for these 7 signs that he might be cheating on you.

Number 7: The Busy Signal
Ok, some guys are just busy. They have hectic school, work, family, and sometimes religious obligations that might be keeping their hands tied. They want to spend time with you but, things just aren’t going their way.


However, sometimes it’s good to pay close attention if your guy suddenly gets really busy. Here’s a common pattern guys use when they’re cheating.

First of all, if they’re suddenly busier than they were with no good excuse, it’s not a good sign. This might not necessarily be cheating, but it is a major indicator that something is wrong in your relationship.

Second, if he makes the same lame excuse over and over like, “Sorry babe, I’m doing laundry” for days on end, and then just shows up completely devoted to you, “laundry” is probably someone else.

These two signs in combination might suggest that something is going on. It is good to ask him directly if he’s not feeling the relationship. If he’s cheating, he’ll say it’s nothing, or he’s totally devoted to you and, give you no other excuse than what he always says.

Number 6:The Escape Plan
Sometimes guys get text messages that are truly emergencies where they have to get up and run off to save the world. This warning sign does not apply to emergency response workers, or people with truly demanding jobs.

If a guy works at Starbucks, has a fairly healthy family, and doesn’t have emergency medical conditions himself, then emergency phone calls shouldn’t happen very often. If your guy says he loves you and, wants this to be the real deal, but he gets more than one emergency phone call a month then something is definitely up.

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