7 Unbelievable Things Chocolate Can Do For You

Imagine the tantalizing taste of the chocolate melting in your mouth, isn’t it a joyous experience? Your love for chocolate isn’t just natural, it actually contains phenylethylamine a chemical or shall we say a love potion that releases endorphins, giving you a feeling similar to that when you are in love.

Maybe the reason why Americans eat too much chocolate is “their quest for love”. With the consumption of 3 billion pounds of chocolate, Americans stand number 1 on the list of “top chocolate consuming nations”; its consumption is equal to half of the chocolate produced worldwide. On no. 2 we have Europeans, consuming about world’s 40% chocolate produce.

Today we have some more chocolatey facts for you which will make you love it even more. Chocolate just not only tastes good but also provide you with some amazing health benefits. When we talk about chocolate health benefits, we are particularly referring to dark chocolate; milk chocolate and white chocolate might give you some benefits but not as much as dark chocolate.

dark chocolate bar

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