8 Foods That You Can Magically Grow at Home from Just Kitchen SCRAPS

More and more people are looking for ways to grow their own food. And rightly so! Growing your own edibles gives you the power not only over the food that you fuel your body with, but also freedom from the food supply chain.

When you grow your own food, you can eat it knowing exactly what went in to it. You can know that it is 100% free from chemicals, non-GMO, hyper-local and fossil fuel saving. You can have a deep sense of pride in enjoying the fruits of your labor. And the best part? Homegrown food taste far better than any pre-plucked produce you’ll find at the grocer any day!

Of course, growing all of your own fruits and vegetables is a daunting task. Many don’t have the know-how to reap a full harvest that is large enough to live off of, not to mention the space to grow it.

Foods Grow at Home

That’s why this handy infographic is a great place to start. These are practically fail-proof and need little more than a pot of soil to grow. Happy growing!

Grow Your Own Foods At Home