Acupressure point linked with stress and pain relief

If You Press This Part Of Your Foot Every Day, Here’s What’ll Happen To Your Body

Sometimes, modern medicine is not meant to do the trick. When all the pill bottles in the world can’t solve your problem, where do you turn? Many practitioners of alternative medicine swear by acupressure as the be-all and end-all of health remedies. Among other spots on your body, the LV 3 point is noteworthy as a powerful multipurpose booster for all-around health.

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Located near the metatarsal bones in your foot, LV 3 — also known as Tai Chong — stands for Liver 3 because of its connection to the liver meridian, which connects to numerous different parts of your body and helps affect your health in several ways. Here are a few examples of the way the LV 3 point can influence your body.

1. Stress relief: Modern Reflexology reports the LV 3 point can affect stress levels positively by increasing your concentration and clarity of thought. The point is also said to relieve fatigue.

2. Painkiller: WebMD indicates that LV 3 can be a great source of pain relief, as it is connected to the lower back. Explore IM adds that genital problems in general can also be lessened by stimulating LV 3, including but not limited to menstrual cramps. Lastly, it is also said to help with eye problems and headaches.

3. Digestion: According to Acupressure Wellness, LV 3 can help cure indigestion, upset stomachs, and even hangovers. By managing your metabolism through this point, you could also potentially find ways to slim down, the website suggests.

4. Antidepressant: WebMD says studies suggest LV 3 may also have to do with improvements with regards to depression and anxiety, possibly as a consequence of fewer instances of stress and insomnia.

5. Fight Parkinson’s: This one is a little different, as it involves acupuncture as opposed to acupressure. The Northwest Parkinson’s Foundation reports LV 3 has been historically used to fight tremors caused by Parkinson’s disease.

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