All You Need to Know About Birth Control

Birth control is one of the most raved about topics in recent era due to the higher rate of unintended pregnancies especially in teenage girls. According to stats, America comes on top in terms of teenage pregnancies where almost 375,000 girls got unexpectedly pregnant every year. This is an alarming situation for girls and women alike because they need to take some appropriate measures in order to avoid un-wanted pregnancy after sex but out of all the ways available, some works best while others are not that good. Apart from that, there is a huge role of right and wrong implementation of protection measure on birth control. If you are doing it right then well and good else you will fall prey to unexpected pregnancy.


We will now be looking at the interesting facts which you should be knowing about birth control, right practice and unintended pregnancy. Let’s now move towards those topics in the below section:

Consistency in Contraception Matters
Reports suggest that women who take contraception or use birth control daily account for only 5% unexpected pregnancy as compared to those who are inconsistent in usage of contraception. Due to their inconsistency, there is 95% chance of them being unexpectedly pregnant. Therefore, if you genuinely want to undertake birth control then you should be consistently using birth control.

All the Pills Are Same but Side Effects Are Different

Yes you have got that right, almost all the birth control pills available in the market are similar, and they are all used to prevent unintended pregnancies. But what is important for you is to know and to figure out that which pill suits you most and which pill triggers side effects in you. As what a woman who uses birth control wants? No unintended pregnancy without any side effects and to ensure this, they need to monitor the effects in body while using pills. Doctors usually suggest those pills with which they have most experience or which is available to them in the closet as a free sample. Therefore, self-monitoring is very important for pills-taking women.

Long-Run Effectiveness Comes with IUDs
Though few people recommend that IUDs are not safe and effective but according to the recent study, it has been found that IUDs are 20 times more effective than contraceptive pills or patches or rings in controlling unexpected pregnancy. Apart from that, they tend to provide you with long run effectiveness as IUDs are small devices being inserted into a woman’s uterus and they also work efficiently towards reducing human errors.  So if you are doubtful about the usage of IUDs then please do not, in fact give them a shot after consulting your doctor if you want to opt out for effective birth control.

Pills Do Not Cause Weight Gains
There is a conception that pills-taking women tend to gain weight as a subsequence of it. But recent research suggests that, this is not the case with modern pills rather progestin-only pills could work towards weight gains in females as compared to others. However, experts also explained that woman tend to gain weight while using pills because a) teenage girls tend to grow with age they gain weight as part of that growing and not because of using pills b) coupled woman tends to gain more weight due to its dedicated commitment with her man c) those women who keep switching between birth control and no birth control tend to have bloating or stomach distention.

Do You Use Other Pills?
It is very important to tell your doctor about other medications before letting him write you a prescription. Doctors usually ask these kinds of question themselves but still it is your duty to guide him right. Reason being, it is 100% truth that other medicines effect on the workability of contraceptive pills or other birth control treatments. For instance, there are few medicines like antibiotics, anti-fungal, anti-depressant and some natural supplements that void the effect of birth control measures. That is why it is important for you to inform your doctor in order to avoid any chance of unintended pregnancy.

Pills Can Be Used Indefinitely
People used to say that indefinite use of pills could cause problems in conceiving later but recent research and experts suggest that, this is not true in fact a health woman can keep using these pills for a prolonged time period according to her decision. Moreover, they also say that woman who uses such pills regularly is less prone to unexpected pregnancy compared to those who use it intermittently.

Stopping Pills with a Concomitant Gap Has Nothing to Do with Miscarriage
People in the past used to believe that there should be a gap after stopping pills and before conceiving in order to avoid the chances of miscarriage but modern study recommends that pills has nothing to do with miscarriage in fact woman who gets pregnant right after stopping pill is not ‘more-likely’ to face miscarriage, her chances are similar to any other woman so there is no need to be upset about it.