Amazing Benefits of Ginger

Ginger is one of the most used roots in our food across the world. As it adds taste as well as healthiness to the food, ginger is one favorite root in a chief’s diary. It belongs to the group of plant’s family that also includes turmeric and cardamom. Its main and dominant element is Gingerols that has a high consistency of ketones; gives it the spicy aroma it is known for. In the structure of the ginger plant, the rhizome is the part it grows out of and it is also the part that is consumed in cooking. It has been used for many centuries now. It is found in the history of the subcontinent as well as ancient Chinese and Greek history.


In the history of the Chinese, Indians, as well as the Greeks, we see that ginger has been used for over 5000 years for the treatment of many ailments. It is now cultivated in almost all humid or tropical areas of the world but the largest production still lie in the south of Asia. It has been exported out of the subcontinent for many centuries now and has always attracted the attention of the western world. The Romans, British, Arabs, Europeans and even American now are fans of the ginger grown in the south of Asia. So it is one of the major exports of this land.

Ginger in food:

Ginger itself is readily used in garnishing as we know. Its raw form is also eaten readily. When we talk about ginger with chiefs, they credit it as a delicacy because of its unique flavor. Moreover, we see its dominance in many spicy dishes of the eastern world. In the subcontinent, almost all gravies are prepared with ginger in them. Also, in China, Japan and Korea, people consume ginger tea a lot; for it is their belief that it helps in keeping one healthy.  Also, ginger is present in their food to bring a tangy or spicy flavor to it and is also served in sliced or mashed forms with the food.

Taking a leap to the western world, Queen Elizabeth 1 is to be credited for the gingerbread man or te gingerbread itself. She laid the foundation of it and recommended use of ginger in the kitchen of the royal palace. Also in America as well as Australia, we see the high demand of ginger in the market. This ginger is exported from Asia all the way to these continents where it is readily consumed in classy restaurants.

Treatments by Ginger:
Over the years, many doctors have recommended the use of ginger in our daily life, it is only because of its numerous advantages. If you suffer from any eating disorder, you should trying eating raw ginger before a meal. This will assist in the work of your digestive juices and will get your stomach working properly in no time. Also, doctors recommend ginger on daily basis because it assist in providing the body with certain essential nutrients that aren’t available in a single plant else wise. It also improves the microcirculatory channels of our body and this is good for those suffering from sinuses. Feeling nauseous? Well try chewing on ginger, it will set your mind right, if you need to puke, you will puke, if you need to rest, it will bring the systems back to normal. Any kind of stomach ache or groaning or moaning can easily be settled with just a little bit of ginger in its raw form.

Ths goes out for those who have been through a surgery and aren’t feeling right. You chew raw ginger after the surgery to overcome feelings of nausea and airsicj. Also, for joint pain, ginger is recommended by experts. According to modern research, ginger helps relieve pain and owns anti-inflammatory properties. It surely helps in all sorts of muscle or joint pains.

The thing about ginger is that you don’t need to toss it or turn it in the frying pan. You can easily take it as it is, just peel off the skin. Some people don’t even do that but because of the environment it has been through, we would recommend that you do peel it off. In order parts of the world, ginger is consumed as a tea or its stalk is also taken, for throat infections especially, one is recommended to have ginger tea. As simple as it is, just boil ginger in water and consume it with honey. Don’t add any salt or sugar. Even if you have problems breathing, just boil the ginger road and take it in. Add a bit of ginger in your food on daily basis to keep your digestive tract working right. Modern research tells us to grow ginger in our gardens and to keep it in our kitchens and drawing rooms, it is fresh and healthy.

Image courtesy: Flickr, Elenadan