What is Anti-Snoring Acupressure Ring and how it Works?

Did you know that there is a finger ring that can help heavy snor…

Are you a heavy snorer? Or is your partner invading your sleep and making you uncomfortable by snoring and snorting loudly? Worry no more, because an old Chinese medicine technique is here to help your needs of a good night’s sleep.

Michael Carter-Smith, an ex-saxophonist from the 1960s band Amen Corner, has invented an amazing ring, which reduces snoring. The invention is called Good Night ring and it’s worn on the little finger. The ring has a small bump on the inside, which is implying pressure on the inside of your little finger. The old Chinese medicine technique, called acupressure or acupuncture, inspired Carter-Smith’s ring. By applying pressure to various spots certain areas of your body are being affected. In Carter-Smith’s case the pressure on the little finger seems to decrease snoring.


The ring has been tested by a group of heavy snorers. 85% of them were affected after wearing the ring on their little finger and they admitted the ring was useless when it was worn on their index finger. The ring costs $49 and it comes in three sizes – small, medium and large.

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What is Anti Snore Acupressure ring and How it works

The Anti Snore Acupressure ring is a tool made out of copper, known for its effect on arthritis relief. It is said that copper has the power to release toxins from our body because of its magnetic effect, which is why it has been used as a tool that helps prevent snoring. This is a ring that has a special magnetic block used on a finger location. Acupressure therapists take advantage of the effect that it has on the body, claiming that it focuses on more than the bones and muscles.

The snore preventing ring puts pressure onto a certain area of the finger that helps open up your airway. When our airways are blocked it can cause heavy breathing and snoring. It is said that if you wear the ring it promotes breathing and also helps people who consistently suffer from insomnia. This is worn by many who not only want to experience improved breathing but benefit from a healthy level of sleep.

There are medical experts who have verified that metal worn on the skin can change the way that the blood flows through the body. This ring has electromagnetic qualities and the body does as well. The ionic forces have the power to change our energy level and the flow of blood. For years it has been said that the metal has a strong healing effect. It is used to heal our muscles, joints and bones. Although the too is not used as a main medical treatment or device, it’s a great holistic alternative that has the power to balance our body and the way that we take in oxygen.

It isn’t guaranteed that the Anti Snore Acupressure ring works. There are other health constraints that can contribute to sleep apnea and difficult breathing. If there is a breathing passage malfunction or if you are overweight, it’s likely that the copper ring won’t eliminate the difficulty you’ve having breathing throughout the night. There are other health measures that you should take if it is the result of poor health and diet. If you have suffered from a broken nose, it’s likely that the problem has to do with your nasal passage and it would require medical help or possibly surgery.

The acupressure ring is more likely to work if you are not suffering from a medical problem and if you are taking care of your health adequately. Attempt to sleep on your side instead of lying upwards to keep your mouth in a forthright position.. By using the ring and improving your diet, you can change how you sleep and feel well rested when you wake up in the morning. It can be extremely uncomfortable for your partner if snoring has reached an all time high and it may even result in some couples sleeping separately. By taking action and finding ways to improve nighttime breathing you are doing yourself and others a huge favor.