Bee venom destroys HIV and Spares surrounding cells

When we talk about HIV or Human Immunodeficiency Virus, the word fatal comes to our mind. Can you imagine that a tiny insect like a bee, can actually save your life from this deadly virus? It’s true! The incurable disease has a cure now and it lies in the bee venom.

Before we move to the latest findings regarding the cure of HIV, let’s look at some of the facts related to it.

The first case of AIDS was diagnosed in the year 1981. In 2009, the death toll raised to 2 million people worldwide.

According to The Foundation for AIDS Research, there are above 34 million people infected with this disease worldwide, out of which 3.3 million belong to the age group of 15 years. The greatest number of people living with this disease is in the Sub-Saharan Africa and now it is rapidly increasing in Asia and Eastern Europe.

HIV cells

34 million people are infected with HIV worldwide

In the US and some other developed country people consider AIDS as a chronic disease and combination treatment and proper visits to the health care providers can help AIDS patients live a longer and healthier life. The unfortunate part is that a large number of people cannot afford this treatment.

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