Best Cellulite Remover

You may have noticed bumpy, orange peel like skin on your thighs, hips and lower stomach, these problematic lumps of fats are called cellulites. What is the cause of this dimpling of the skin? The fat cells in our body are separated with the help of connective tissues. You can think of these tissues as a honeycomb, enclosing every fat cell in a different compartment. When the fats are pressed against these vertical connective tissues present in the areas of the hips and thighs, the cells bulge out and cause dimpling of the skin. Many people associate cellulites with toxin accumulation in the body or poor blood circulation but in reality it isn’t linked with these factors. Cellulites are simply fats.

There could be many reasons for these lumpy fat deposits. Following are some of the factors that cause cellulites:

  • Lifestyle
  • Diet
  • Hormonal changes
  • Genetics

Best Cellulite Remover

Cellulites are more common in women and can even show up on teenage girls. They might appear at any age, especially after 30s. In fact the condition gets worse as we grow old. This happens because the connective tissues become thick as we age and our skin becomes thin as a result cellulites become more visible. Women also gain more fat as they age. On average women replace 5lb of muscles with 15 lbs of fats as they get older.

The reason why they do not appear in men is that, in men the connective tissues are placed horizontally, this forms a criss-cross pattern and prevents cellulites.

Here we have some of the remedies for you to get rid of cellulites. Also we have for you the very famous and effective “Cellulite Eraser”. We will not keep you waiting and would tell you exactly how you can make it.

The cellulite eraser is a drink made up of some natural ingredients that won’t just help burn fats but would also provide some additional benefits such as:

  • It improves the circulation of the blood.
  • It burns all the excess fats in the body.
  • It helps to break down the sugar in the blood.
  • It also produces collagen which is responsible for the firmness of the skin.
  • Sometimes cellulites are formed because of the fluid retention. Cellulite eraser can help reduce water retention.

The cellulite eraser contains grapefruit which is one of the best known foods for burning fat. Here is the recipe:

  1. 1 grapefruit (large)
  2. 1/4 lemon
  3. 2 oranges
  4. 1/2 inch piece of ginger

Just make the juice with these ingredients and consume. If you want this drink to work more efficiently avoid taking deep fried foods, processed foods, sugar and other products containing sugar, coffee and flour. In other words take a low-fat diet.

Take lots of fluids and water to flush out toxins from the body, along with this drink.

You will be able to see beneficial results within a few weeks. If you are taking any sort of medications consult your doctor because grapefruit can interfere with their absorption.

Another way you can get rid of cellulite is through exercise. Moreover, exercise can tone your muscles and make them firm. Try taking some physical exercises such as jogging, walking, swimming and yoga. You can also try aerobic exercise.

Healthy eating is equally important to get rid of cellulites. Your diet should consist of foods rich in fiber. Add whole grains to your diet such as oats and bran. To keep the toxins away, foods and vegetables should be consumed in ample amount.

Drinking plenty of water also helps the body to shed excess fat and helps to strengthen the collagen as a result lumps are not formed.

Massaging your trouble areas can also help break the lumpy fats beneath the skin and makes the skin smooth by stimulating the blood circulation.

Even exfoliation has shown some promising benefits for removing cellulites. Just choose the scrubs containing caffeine as they not only remove the dead skin cells but also have the ability to tighten the skin.

There are also some cellulite blasting serums available in the market that can eradicate cellulite in a matter of few days and make your skin firm. Look for cellulite serums containing coenzyme Q 10 and L-Carnitine and your problem of cellulites will be resolved within 10 days.

You know that whatever you try it will take days and weeks to get rid of your problem. For a quick fix you can try a self tanner to camouflage your lumpy skin. A little self tanner and poof… cellulites disappeared.