Black Seeds “Cures All Diseases”

This Ancient Remedy “Cures All Diseases” HIV, AIDS, Diabetes, Cancer, Stroke, STDs, Arthritis & More …

Can you guess what is the one ingredient that can “Cure All Diseases”? Black cumin seed oil is this miraculous ingredient that is capable of not only inhibiting cancer cell activity, it can also kill certain types of cancer cells. It is an ancient remedy used for curing almost all types of diseases.

It has been already found in scientific studies involving animal studies that black seed oil (scientifically name: Nigella sativa) works as a powerful treatment against cancer. These studies show that it could be equally effective like anti-cancer drugs for fighting some kinds of cancer.

black seeds

Thymoquinone is an extract from black cumin seed oil. It has various potent health benefits for different inflammatory diseases like the following:

– Liver cancer

– Breast cancer

– Cervical cancer

– Melanoma skin cancer

– Prostate cancer

– Pancreatic cancer

– Colon cancer

– Lymphoma

– Brain cancer

– Stomach cancer

– Bone cancer

– Cervical cancer

It may have been studied for decades and found to have positive effects in cancer research, but it has been very rare that human clinical tests have been conducted using this ingredient. But the scientists have found that the benefits are highly effective and there are almost negligible negative side effects.

Despite being proven for its cancer preventative and treatment powers, black cumin seed oil has not been given any recognition by for these benefits by conventional  medicine.

The following guide will touch upon the cancer-fighting benefits of black cumin seed oil found in research studies.

Treating Cancer with Black Seeds for Centuries

According to 2 different studies conducted in 2011, researchers in China and Saudi Arabia examined the scientific literature behind the usage of black seed oil for fighting cancer. After the review, the researchers reconfirmed the cancer-fighting benefits of this natural and safe seed oil. It was found that black seed oil was being used as part of traditional medicine for thousands of years. The anti-cancer benefits came from its extract thymoquinone and the oil. Besides cancer, they could also fight against various diseases including:

– Cardiovascular complications

– Asthma

– Diabetes

– kidney disease

And much more.

It has also been found to be safe and effectual in fighting cancer within blood system, kidneys, prostate, lungs, cervix, skin, liver, and breast.

These scientists found that the extract thymoquinone worked like an antioxidant. It strengthened the defense system of the body.

The black seed oil works by inducing apoptosis, thus helping your body to kill the following types of cells without the release of toxins:

– Unwanted cells

– Old cells

– Unhealthy cells (like cancer cells)

They also found that the oil controlled the Akt pathway. This means controlling the process involved in the management of cell survival. This controls both the cancer cells and healthy normal cells. The cancer-fighting properties of Nigella sativa have had been recognized centuries ago. But modern scientific research has started studying this crucial traditional medicine only for the past 20-30 years.(Continue On Next Page)

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