Bladder Infection Home Remedies

Woman around the world suffer from bladder infection in particularly during their lifetime; however, few suffers from it on repeat basis. This disease is also known as urinary tract infection or cystitis. This disease can also trigger in males but women are more prone to it due to the urethra tube which connects the bladder to the outside world, is shorter in women than it is in men and is also located in close proximity to both the vagina and anus, making it easy for bacteria to enter the urethra and infect the bladder.

There are various medications and home remedies to fight and get rid of this infection. All of which aim at first to control the infection from spreading further then they start curing it. If we take bladder infection in account generally then it involves all the infections of urinary tract and scores of people suffering from them.


Moreover, there are various causes which lead to bladder infection and the severity of this disease tends to vary from person to person depending on the extent of it. However, the most common causes of this infection include kidney stones and prostate. Usually people also believe that to treat bladder infection, it is better to use antibiotics but today, there are various very effective home remedies are available with no side effects which can also be opted out for in getting rid of this infection.

We shall now move to the next section to know further about the effective home remedies.

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