Cervical pain: Care and prevention

Neck pain is one of the most common problems that one faces in his busy routine.  It is so prevalent in our society now that everyone has learned to accept it as a normal part of life. We see people from all walks of life suffering from neck pain and we can’t even count the number since it is surely in trillions by now. From monks, to architects, painters and athletes, everyone has become a victim of this very common illness. For us maybe this isn’t even an ailment but just an indicator for most of us that we are leading a busy life.

Now the question arises as to why we suffer from neck pains? Well, it isn’t hard to figure that out. Mostly when there is a problem in the neck, head or any other part of the body, we feel neck pains. Only in rare cases does someone feel neck pain due to some major disease. In such rare cases, the pain is unbearable and athletes have to give up their careers and laborers have to do face joblessness due to incapability of work. Also, we see that one of the most prominent factors also seems to be the body posture which in most cases isn’t even close to perfect. Our body is designed in such a beautiful way that must sit up straight without slouching or hunching. But in today’s world and with the electronic media, we see that people of all ages have the wrong posture and face many pains in the head, shoulder and neck regions. Consequently, the neck being such an integral part of the body that supports the head and adjoins it with torso, that psychological traumas, stress and disorders can also be the cause of neck pains.

Cervical pain Care and prevention

Yet, for every problem, we always have a solution. Human beings have showcased their supremacy by providing a remedy for every problem; and of course for such a crucial matter like the neck pains, we do have remedies. Generally we have two types of remedies, the allopathic or the homeopathic medicines. But some people don’t believe in such medication follow home remedies or herbal remedies. There is no doubt that these aren’t effective or that these remedies don’t have any side effects like the other types of medicines, due respect. Hence, there is a lot of fan following of these kinds of home remedies for not just neck pains but other diseases and body disorder or problems as well. But focusing on neck pains and its remedies available to us, these would include the following:

One of the first and foremost home treatments recommended by everyone is rest. By rest, yes experts do mean to lie down for some time in order to allow your neck muscles to relax. Also make sure that you don’t use a thick pillow, for the motive behind resting is to get your neck in its original comfortable position, not in an uncomfortable one. Even sitting down for a while helps you relax your neck muscles which make you feel much better. For it is in fact our positioning or hunching that usually causes these neck pains. So a little rest won’t hurt!

Ice it or heat it:
A little crushed ice in a plastic bag over the neck would feel a bit painful in the beginning but then it would get very normal and would soothe away the pain. Try icing your neck in breaks so that you don’t become completely numb. This is a good trick to help you cure your neck pain.

Furthermore, quite opposite to this, in winters, you can’t even think about icing your neck, so in such a season, try toasting it. Yes, use of a hot water bottle may help in proper blood circulation which helps in relaxing the neck as well. Hence, the neck pain get better and you feel better as well.

Massage your neck:
Many have been heard saying that massage is the ultimate therapy for any kind of pain. Especially in the case of the neck, head, shoulders and spinal cord, a masseuse can easily trigger with the points in the body that cause the pain. These masseuses believe that there are some tension points in our body that are triggered due to stress and a right masseuse can easily. But personally at home, you can also do much for example first try taking a hot bath to relax the muscles. Then your oil or lotion to rub your neck and shoulders; in no time you will catch a rhythm that would soothe you. You will also identify your pressure points, then gently apply pressure on these points on your neck and shoulders and keep rubbing for 10 or 15 minutes.

These were in fact effective home remedies, yet consult a doctor if you have severe pain which is not lessening by these effective home remedies. Hopefully, try these simple easy remedies and you will surely feel much better.

Image courtesy: Flickr, Simon James