Cilantro and Chlorella Can Remove Heavy Metals Your Body

Do you know how much exposure you have with the heavy metals daily and how they are affecting your health? Mercury, aluminum, and cadmium are some of the heavy metals that have the power to implant themselves in our bones and nervous system. When too much accumulation of these metals takes place in the body we suffer from major diseases like cancer, heart problems, lung and kidney diseases, weak bones, brain deterioration and emotional instability. The only answer to this problem is chelation therapy.

Chelating agents are powerful enough to bind themselves with the toxic ions of heavy metal and then expel them from the body through the excretory system. One of the most commonly used medication for chelation therapy is 2.3-Dimercaprol, which is used for removing arsenic and lead from the body, but this medication comes with some adverse side effects.

Cilantro and Chlorella

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