Cold Water or Beverages After or During Meal can be Harmful

Drinking cold water or various beverages after having meal is like having a sweet after some spicy food. Drinking cool water during meals and after it is for sure a craving. Some people drink cold beverages to digest there junk food which is absolutely a wrong concept while others drink cold water as a matter of habit. In areas where temperature is high people consume lot of icy chilled water and flavored beverages to sooth their tongue. But they should realize that icy chilled water or cool water immediately after meal or between meals can be harmful.

There are so many varieties of beverages and frizzy drinks are available that are specially designed to be taken as chilled beverages. Teenagers these days drink icy child flavored water after meals and for them it is impossible to swallow food without it. It is important to guide children about the problems that they can face due to it. Teenage gitls can have a problem with their menstrual cycles due to consumption of icy chilled water after meal.

Beverages Ice Water

You might have heard from elders that consuming cold water is not healthy specially when talking about during meal or after that. It is claimed that drinking cold water after meal increases the chance of cancer. Some people say that cold water consumption after meal is the cause of harm to your digestive system. Cold water includes simple plain water and other cold drinks. Chinese were the first people who understood the problems that are due to cold water intake after meal therefore long before they switched to hot drinks with mean such as tea and soups.

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