Debunking the Major Weight Loss Myths

It’s summer time, and weight loss is on your mind! You might want to lose some pounds to look good in that swimsuit. Right?

How many times it has happened that you have been loyal to your weight loss plan, but still the weighing scale would not budge? And then finally you say to yourself, “I quit!”

The truth is that all this time, you have been following the wrong track and you have been misguided. Your beliefs regarding weight loss plans “may” or “may not” be factual. It’s time to debunk all those weight loss myths and follow the facts.

Debunking the Major Weight Loss Myths

Myth no. 1 “Carbs can ruin your Weight Loss Plan”
Fact: Never ignore the fact that carbs are one of the most important sources of energy. Going for low-carb diet is not a bad option but remember, not all types of carbs are bad for you. Just stay away from the processed carbs that you may find in croissants, muffins and white breads. You can choose healthy options like brown rice, whole-wheat bread and beans.

Myth no. 2 “The Cholesterol contained in Eggs is not Good for You”
Fact: A large egg contains about 213 milligrams of cholesterol. The health experts suggest limiting the intake of dietary cholesterol up to 300 milligrams per day and less than 200 milligrams for people with diabetes, heart disease or high LDL or bad cholesterol. Truth is that dietary cholesterol doesn’t have an impact on the blood cholesterol. But if you are still reluctant to consume eggs we have some evidence for you, a study was conducted by Dr. Wanda Howell and her colleagues at the University of Arizona, over a time period of 25 years. It was revealed that the people who consumed 2 eggs everyday did not show any sign of increased levels of blood cholesterol.

So what causes the blood cholesterol to rise? The culprits are the saturated fats and the trans fats.

Myth no. 3 “Skipping Breakfast would make you Slim”
Fact: Skipping meals does not help you lose weight; in fact it is one of the major causes of weight gain as it can slow down metabolism. A study was conducted by British researches, in which eating habits of 6,764 people were tracked. It was found that the weight of the people who skipped breakfast doubled over the time period of 4 years, compared to those who didn’t skip their breakfast. Another research conducted on 4,200 adults revealed that people who consumed breakfast ate fewer calories throughout the day.

Myth no. 4 “Your Genes are Responsible for Determining your Bodyweight and Metabolism”
Fact: Stop blaming your genes for that fat belly! Your genes only 25% responsible in determining your body weight- the rest is completely up to your behavior and eating habits. This means your weight is under your control; just make low-calorie diet and exercise a part of your lifestyle and see the result for yourself. You can also boost your metabolism by performing strengthening exercises.

Myth no.5 “Only Early Morning Exercise can provide Weight Loss Benefits”
Fact: Any time that suits you is the best time to exercise. Whenever you exercise you burn the same amount of calories, regardless of the time of day.

Myth no.6 “Your Body cannot burn Fats unless you Exercise for 20 minutes”
Fact: Whether you take exercise or not your body burns fat around the clock. To lose more calories exercise is the best option but do not overexert your body, just go for a routine you are most comfortable with.

Myth no. 7 “You can Spot-reduce to Lose Weight”
Fact: The best way to achieve a flatter belly or sleeker legs is by focusing on increasing the lean muscle tissue throughout the body. The more you’ll work out those muscles the more it will increase your metabolism. So careful eating and increased rate of metabolism is what you require to achieve your desired figure.

Myth no. 8 “Starving yourself before an Event can Help you maintain your Weight”
Fact: Starving yourself before an event is a wrong approach. Instead, you can reduce the portion of your meals in order to cut down some calories, several days before the event. Along with that, increase your physical activity before and after the event to lose those extra pounds.

Myth no. 9 “Fat-free Food is Good for your Diet”
Fact: Do not get fooled by the “fat-free” labels, low-fat foods do not promise to be low in calories. To add flavors to the fat-free foods, many of them come with added sugar. The best thing you can do is that inspect the nutritional labels to ensure that the food is good for your health.

Myth no. 10 “The more you Sweat, the more you Lose weight”
Fact: Sweating does not make you lose weight, you might be losing water weight but certainly it isn’t the fat you are burning. Do not run in hot, humid weather considering that it’ll help you burn some additional fats. In fact running in heat can cause you dehydration and even heat stroke.