Diet Soda Facts

Diet sodas are pretty popular these days as they are the current calorie free sodas available. It was first brought forward by the COCA COLA Company as Diet Coke in 1982 and sold like hot cakes since its production date. Later, diversity was brought in Diet Sodas with flavors like caffeine free, vanilla, lime, Plus versions and even raspberry, cherry and blueberry. Each country had its own set of favorite flavors and even had different tastes. Over the years, the consumption of soda itself has doubled for young boys and tripled for girls. About one fifth of the US citizens consume diet soda drinks alone each day. It is seen that the elderly earning class consumes more diet soda drinks than teenage or college students working part time. In the last decade, from 2004 till 2005, the consumption of diet soda drinks increased majorly crossing all charts and bars recorded in history. Since then it has been stable.

Diet Soda
Ingredients: The main ingredient of diet sodas is carbonated water in a large quantity. After that, more recognized ingredients are caffeine and chemicals such as artificial flavors, artificial colors, artificial sweetening, acidifying, foaming agents’ etc.

Image courtesy: Flickr, EvaSwensen

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