Face Mapping: What Your Skin Says About Your Health

If our minds connect clear complexions with wellbeing, it stands to reason that skin issues may point towards health issues. In fact, according to Face Mapping, what’s happening on the surface of your skin can give us very real insight into what’s going on inside our bodies.

Face Mapping is based on the ancient philosophies of Chinese Medicine and Ayurveda and links changes in our skin with our internal environment. This helps us to diagnose the root cause of our skin issues and red flag any other health issues that may need a bit more love and attention.

Read on to discover exactly what your skin may be trying to tell you about your health!

Your Face is Covered with SIGNS

Zone: Forehead

Associated With: Liver, gallbladder

Explanation: The forehead is connected with nervous system activity and digestion. Therefore, stress and a sluggish digestive system may be triggering your breakouts here.

What To Do: Avoid, sugary, fatty, processed foods and consume plenty of high fibre fruit and vegetables to keep your digestive system moving. De-stress with visualization, meditation, yoga or anything else that helps you to relax. You may also like to trial some dandelion tea or fresh lemon juice in warm water to naturally detoxify your liver.

Zone: The right side of the space between your eyebrows

Associated With: Stored emotions in your liver

Explanation: Our facial expressions immediately clue us into how we’re feeling. However, facial line mapping has been used for centuries to help us discern where we are holding deeper stress, and how this is likely to impact our internal health. Skin issues and wrinkling in this zone may indicate unexpressed anger that you’re holding onto in your liver.

What To Do: Clear this anger! Try yoga, counselling, reiki, journalling or whatever therapy you need to let go of your negative built-up emotions in a healthy way. Reduce your intake or alcohol and high-fat foods, which place pressure on your liver function.
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