Food Cravings Are Due to Lack of Nutrients Eat These to Treat Cravings the Healthy Way

Many of the “food cravings” you experience from time to time could actually reveal something larger that your body needs. For instance, begging for a burger? Then your body could need iron, which helps boost energy and mood.

Here are some possible reasons nutritionists give for your craving chocolate, potato chips, ice cream, and some healthy ways to curb those cravings:

handle food cravings

Chocolate: What you’re really craving is relaxation. Chocolate’s phenylethylamine can make you feel more relaxed, and it’s loaded with magnesium, which helps stabilize blood sugar levels and helps you feel calm. But there are other, healthier ways to seek serenity. Take up yoga, for instance to channel positive energy throughout your body – and this feeling of serenity can stay with you all day long.

Some people find that eating sweets only for dessert never as snacks makes it easier to limit them and decrease cravings. Sweets usually don’t provide long-lasting fuel as snacks anyway, nutritionists at the American Institute for Cancer Research say.

One study found that after two weeks of eating chocolate twice a day, 15 to 30 minutes after a meal, people who craved chocolate felt their desire for chocolate drop. But cravers and non-cravers who ate chocolate between meals felt their desire increase.

Regularly eating chocolate or other sweets to satisfy hunger between meals may teach us to crave it, the institute nutritionists warn.

Potato chips: What you really want is a thirst-quenching drink. People crave salt when they’re dehydrated. Because salt helps the body hold onto water, people subconsciously seek out salt. Instead of the salty foods, drink a tall glass of water.

Ice cream: There’s a scientific reason you want it. Just feeling the cold, smooth texture in your mouth triggers the release of galanin, which helps you feel relaxed and carefree. Instead, do something else that relaxes you, such as playing a board game or taking the kids to the park.

Cookies: A quick energy jolt is really what you want. Sugary carb cravings, like donuts or cookies, are a sure sign that you need a little pick-me-up. Many of us subconsciously look for this quick fix when we feel drained. Instead of grabbing for the fat-laden Oreos, try closings your eyes for a few minutes, letting your mind wander. Or, take an energizing walk.

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