Foods for Healthy Hair Care

People of all ages lose their hair; it is cliché to think of the old bald guy in the supermarket. In reality women hair begins to thin as early as their mid-thirties and men lose their hair at an even younger age some times as young as twenty. There are some foods that support happy hair, or at least healthy hair.

First healthy hair food, poultry and eggs, the protein rich egg and chicken can make your hair healthy and strong. Your hair is built mainly from protein therefore protein rich foods give your hair exactly what it needs to be strong. So a boiled egg for afternoon snack is incredibly beneficial. Remember your hair isn’t going to change overnight your healthy diet needs to be consistent with hair healthy foods.

Food for better hair growth

Your hair is built mainly from protein therefore protein rich foods give your hair exactly what it needs

Anything with vitamin C especially the super fruit! Blueberries are great for everything especially vitamin c! Not enough vitamin C in your diet causes hair breakage. A healthier scalp leads to healthier hair; the tiny blood vessels in the scalp that directly feed hair follicles get their support from vitamin C. Circulation to the scalp is also improved with vitamin c. Of course blueberries are not the only means to vitamin C but they do contain many other antioxidants that come with health benefits of their own.

B5 is another great ingredient to find in your afternoon snack even though you see it often enough in products for hair care. Greek Yogurt has pantothenic acid or B5 to help keep your hair growing healthy. Greek yogurt is also high in protein so double plus for your hair.

It is curious how Popeye ate so much spinach and yet had no hair. Spinach contains lots of great components that contribute to healthy hair follicles! Beta carotene, vitamin C, folate, and iron not only take care of follicles they also keep the oils of the scalp circulating. Vitamin C is great, vitamin A however is essential.

Vitamin A is literally needed in every cell of your body. Without it, you will develop dandruff to say the least. Vitamin A is not exactly eaten in that form; eat a sweet potato which contains beta carotene an antioxidant which your body turns into vitamin A. Vitamin A helps produce and protect the sustaining oils of your scalp. Beta carotene can be found in a few other fruits and vegetables such as, apricots, cantaloupe, carrots, pumpkin, and mangos. Another vital component of your healthy hair diet should be zinc!

Zinc can be found in Oysters, beef, nuts, and eggs. Three ounces of oysters has almost 500% of your daily value. A lack of zinc can cause hair loss so severe your eye lashes can fall out. The daily amount of zinc is very little so meeting the recommended portions each day should not be a chore. A supplement helps keep Zinc intake at regular levels which in turn keeps your hair healthier.

Walnut has a few different properties that contribute to happy healthy hair as well. You can consume the nuts themselves to gain the benefits of biotin, vitamin E, and omega 3 or use walnut oil as your salad dressing. Either way the beneficial properties are present. The amazing characteristic about Omega 3 fatty acid is that our bodies cannot make it yet our body needs it to grow hair. Omega 3 fatty acid can also be found in Salmon.

Salmon is rich in vitamin D and protein which makes it a healthy hair seekers essential meal when you add in the Omega 3. Hair shaft is about 3% made up of omega 3 the other 97% is protein, which is why both of these items are absolutely mandatory to hair growth. If you do not regularly replace the protein your body needs your body will be unable to replace the hair it loses naturally everyday much less make up for extra hair lost. Fatty acids can also be found in trout, herring, sardines, mackerel, and if you are not a fan of fish in general pumpkin seeds and avocados.

As you can see there is a large variety of foods to get the essentials your hair needs. Remember consistent happy hair foods or you will never see a difference. Protein, fatty acids, zinc, vitamin c, and vitamin A are all important to the constant growth of healthy hair. If your scalp is not happy, neither is your hair, your scalp will show signs of unhealthiness before your hair will so pay attention.