Get Rid of the Dandruff Flakes

“’The dreaded snow on your shoulders: Dandruff cures revealed!

Got the itch? Got the flakes? There are so many more options than seeing a dermatologist! Every day, people have to fight the dreaded white snow. It is very unattractive, and its constant nuisance. So how do you begin to deal with it? Some wear baseball caps or knit hats. Some claim ignorance. Eventually, you have to face the facts: you have dandruff. While many rush-off to a high priced dermatologist, that might even be outside of the insurance group, there are some common tricks of the trade to fight the flakes. There are many great products out there to help treat dandruff, but sometimes, it takes a little more thought. By trying the following types of treatments, you, too, might be able to avoid the dermatologist and their copays!


There are many great products out there to help treat dandruff, but sometimes, it takes a little more thought

One easy way to fight the dreaded dandruff is to simply wash your hair. Shampooing is a great way to relieve your scalp of excess oils and flakes that are part of the average daily build up. There are many great types of shampoo, but the most effect would be a dandruff treating shampoo. Simply washing your head with water is not enough. Using products like Head and Shoulders brand shampoo can give you quick results that no dermatologist can deliver. Some products have different amounts of the active ingredient that treats dandruff, so go for the maximum pythrione zinc. Bed Head has the maximum amount of the ingredient to allow for maximum effectiveness. If a certain type of shampoo fails to yield results, don’t be afraid to change it. There are numerous options available, so be sure to peruse the local shopping center’s hair care aisle.

Wait, you still have flakes? Have no fear, multiple washings is the cure! By simply repeating the washing practice again in the same shower session can allow the chemicals in the shampoo to have a greater effect. Sometimes things need a good scrubbing. It’s important to keep the washings together in the same shower session as to allow the hair to make proper use of the shampoo’s ingredients. Be sure not to “just apply” the shampoo, but to really work it into your scalp. Tea tree conditioners give a tingly feeling when this is done correctly. Really be sure to work your fingers through your hair: it not only feels great, but it works, too!

Unfortunately, the human body can adapt to different conditions, and so can dandruff. By changing shampoos every so often (weekly), you allow for the maximum effectiveness of the shampoo. By creating a pattern of different shampoos, you change up the approach, which stumps the dandruff. Wash your hair with one type of shampoo for about a week, then switch to a different type. After the second week, be sure to go back to the original treatment. Finally, after the third week, start a brand new type of shampoo. This psyching out of the scalp allows for each shampoo to work to the full extent.

Call in the nuclear option! I’m talking about the experts! I’m talking about… tar!?! Used for over two hundred years, tar shampoos have been the de facto solution to making sure the dandruff meets its maker! Warning: hazardous smells might emit from shampoo. That is the 100% absolute truth! While highly affective, the side effects, mainly horrible odor, of tar can be devastating. So if you think there’s one more brand of shampoo to buy, maybe you should.

While everyone hates the itch, a simple cure is to simply cleanse the scalp with a good through scrubbing with your antidandruff shampoo. I particularly find the itch to be worse when washing with water alone. Oil of the scalp can create havoc for the skin, causing irritations that just plan itch. Scratching is not necessarily the cure, although it might feel great. This only allows for dry skin to flake more. To deal with itchy dandruff, I prefer a shampoo treatment. This is a very common way to wash away the oils.

Again, it might take some use of trial and error to find something that works for you. Don’t give up! While dandruff is a common thing, many people successfully handle it every day. Whether it be switching up shampoos to the dreaded tar shampoo, there are solutions that go beyond the dermatologist, that can be accomplished with items purchased at your local store. A little persistence goes a long way, but effort does eventually pay off!