Gummi Candies — What Are They Made Of

Gummi Candies

Gummi candies are also known as gummy candies, gummies and jelly sweets. They are shaped differently to make them consumer likely as bears, worms, bottles, alphabets, sharks, dolphins, hamburgers, frogs, rats, army men, rings, smurfs and different human body parts. Youngsters and children love eating them as they are available in many different flavors and eye catching colors. They are combined with other candies like chocolates, sour sugar candies and marshmallow.

Gummies are one of the most widely used confectionary items and they have their origin from Germany. Gummies are prepared from a mixture of different ingredients like glucose syrup, sugar, citric acid, food coloring, starch, flavoring and gelatin. The hot mixture is prepared and left to cool down overnight. It is given different shape mostly from one side and the other is left flat. These are then packaged and sent to the stores to get sold.

Gummi Candies

Image courtesy: Fabio Alessandro Locati

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