Health Benefits of Apples

As a child there were many old wives tales and adages that were drilled into your young mind. Growing up most of the adages either became habit or were disproved so you gave them up, right? There are those ones that had to come from somewhere, had to have partial truth to them, an apple a day to keep the doctor away sure does!

There are numerous reasons why then and today this old saying to believed and should be practiced. First and foremost, save your brain. Antioxidants that apples contain have a few different positive effects on your brain. For example apples have been shown to fight against Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease. It seems the antioxidants have free radical fighting effects that helps keep the dopamine from breaking down, which is the case of Parkinson’s.

Apple Health Benefits

An apple a day to keep the doctor away!!

Save your teeth is another great benefit. Do not give up flossing but just the simple action of biting and chewing and apple helps your teeth. The process of biting and chewing creates extra saliva which than flushes out bacteria. Less bacteria means less tooth decay. A happy smile usually leads to a healthier body. Just in case this isn’t enough for you there are even more reasons to eat apples.

Soluble fiber does amazing things for the body. Soluble fiber is linked to decreasing your risk of diabetes, by helping control swings in blood sugar levels. Soluble fiber also lowers cholesterol. Lower cholesterol means lower chances of heart attack. It also means no gallstones. Lower cholesterol effects many systems of the body and can help you feel better in general and improve overall health.

Not only does lower cholesterol decrease your chances of heart attack but the apple contains other properties that help your heart stay healthy as well. The skin of your apple contains phenolic compound that prevents what cholesterol that does get in from sticking to your artery walls and solidifying. While there are many great reasons to eat apples for what they do in within your body they also do wonders for the process of exiting your body.

Apples can help constipation and diarrhea both, neutralize IBS, and avoid avert hemorrhoids. Yes, apples can do all of that. The fiber in apples can do all of that. Whether you can’t stop going to the bathroom or can’t go at all fiber can help. There is either too much water or not enough water in your colon when you are experiencing these problems so amazingly fiber can do exactly what your body needs. Irritable Bowel Syndrome or IBS is incredibly painful and consists of abdominal pain, bloating, diarrhea, and constipation and fiber can curb them all. Of course not all alone but it can help significantly.

High fiber diets or apple and apple juice infused diets can help control your weight. Fiber fills you up while not taking up all of your daily calories. Fiber has multiple wonderful effects on the body and it doesn’t have to taste like cardboard if you are getting it from an apple or its juice. Outside of fiber there are components such as flavonol and triterpenoids that apples and their skins contain.

Flavonol and triterpenoids have been proven to help reduce or fight against cancer cells. Flavonol specifically reduces the risk of pancreatic cancer. Triterpenoids, found in the apple skins, is very effective in slowing the growth of cancer cells within colon, breast, and liver.

Red apples specifically can boost your immune system! All apples can help detox your liver. Toxins are ingested every day and that can be an incredible burden on your liver, helping detoxify your liver can literally boost your energy levels.
Even the dried versions of this healthy little snack have been proven to still provide many of the health benefits its fully hydrated counterpart provides, such as some weight loss, lowered cholesterol, and increase heart health.

Overall apples contain a great variety of everything you need, just in one average apple. There are typically around 95 calories in a medium sized apple; you get credit for eating almost half of your daily fruit intake necessary in a healthy diet. You also get a giant dose of vitamin C, and the amazing soluble fiber. That little fruit is jam packed! You wouldn’t want to waste the golden benefits that apples provide so if you buy a few and set them on the counter you are more likely to eat them. Not a difficult task at all. So grab a few from the market and start increasing your level of health one bite at a time.