Health Benefits of Cabbage

Cabbage is one of the healthiest vegetables we have around us. It is in fact a gift from Mother Nature. It possesses many outstanding qualities that are not present in one vegetable alone. This leafy ball of goodness is present in most of our dishes and especially our salads. Almost all salads have a sufficient amount of cabbage in them and many Italian, Chinese, Spanish and many other dishes have cabbage in them. Chiefs love to use cabbage in their food. It can be eaten raw, stir fried, boiled etc. according to the type of taste one has developed, it is enjoyed so.


Healthy facts about cabbage:
Being the big ball of goodness that it is, cabbage has many advantages. That is why experts recommend use of cabbage in our daily routines for it benefits and assists many healthy processes of the body to be executed. Mostly people on diet consume loads of cabbage because it has minimum fat and maximum fiber. All such qualities make it the ideal food for anyone who wishes to either reduce or lose weight. There are many other advantages of this healthy vegetable and here are a few very prominent benefits of this round leafy plant.

  • Cholesterol control: cabbage has a property that allows it to lower the cholesterol level of the body. This quality of the cabbage is enhanced if you steam the cabbage, rather than cook, fry or eat it raw. This cholesterol reducing property of the cabbage basically helps to bind the bile acids in your digestive tract that facilitate in the digestion of food. In this way digestion becomes more efficient with easier excretion of bile acids lowering the cholesterol level of the body. Though the raw cabbage as well holds the property of binding of bile acids, yet, it is enhanced if the cabbage is steamed first. Steaming process also enhances taste and flavor of the cabbage. Also, experts recommend steaming over microwave because two minutes in the microwave destroy the same quantity of myrosinase as 8 minutes of steaming. Myrosinase is very essential for a sound health.
  • Glucosinolates in cabbage: according to modern research, the different types and colored cabbages contain different patterns of gluconsinolates, each facilitating the body with its own nature. The diet of cabbage alone covers diverse benefits that we receive from multiple food items. It contains a compound called Sinigrin that is renowned as a key component of cancer prevention plans. This very compound is further converted into AITC or Allyl-isothiocyanate; substance that has the unique property of cancer prevention, specifically against bladder cancer and prostate cancer. With so many useful elements, it is recommended to cook cabbage for a short while rather than a long, in order to save up these useful qualities.
  • Anti-inflammatory property: cabbage is multi beneficial in nature. It also has a property that resists inflammation. We have a complete system called the inflammatory system that needs a regular dose of anti-inflammatory nutrition. If it is not facilitated, it tends to showcase chronic inflammation. This inflammation also increases risks of cancer if not controlled. More specifically, the anthocyanins found in the red cabbage have a good amount of anti-inflammatory compounds that make the consumption pretty crucial for the body. Yet, it is worth mentioning that all types of cabbage do contain anti-inflammatory benefits.
  • Cardiovascular advantages of cabbage: cabbage even facilitates in the cardiovascular system by its property of cholesterol reduction. As the liver uses cholesterol in the production of bile and due to inefficient work of the digestive system, most of the bile acids get excreted out. The undigested fatty food stays inside and the liver has to work harder to produce more bile acids with cholesterol lowering its quantity in the body. Hence, the cabbage jumps in actions and helps in binding and proper digestion. It saves the amount of pressure exerted by the bodily parts in further facilitating the shortage; the cardiovascular valves are at ease as well because the pressure is directly towards the heart. By the use of cabbage, we save the heart from burning sensation or any other disorder.
  • Skin benefits with cabbage: cabbage has also showcased properties of anti-aging. Mixed with the right ingredients and it becomes the perfect anti-aging product for one’s skin. Also, vitamin A and vitamin D combine together to gives us afresh, clear and neat skin that is healthy in nature and can bear the effects of the ultraviolent radiations. Moreover, it gives the skin its healing property. It can facilitate in healing also help clear rashes, acne, ulcers of skin, insect bites etc. the trick is to grind the leaves and to place them in water. Then to place those grinded leaves into the damp cloth and to place it over the cut or ulcer etc. It is known to fasten the healing process.