Health benefits of Coconut Water

Just kick back, relax and sip on the healthy nutrients of coconut water. You can rank it among the world’s best energy drinks. Best part is that it is all natural. Yes! No added sugar!
From where can you get this drink?

Simple! Take a fresh, green, immature coconut, 5 months old would be good enough and make a hole in it. Extract all the water in a container and pour it in a glass. Take a sip and enjoy the refreshing drink!

A single nut can give you 200 ml to 1000 ml of the water. Do not take very immature coconuts as their water will have a bitter taste and would not contain many nutrients, 5 to 7 months old coconut has a sweet taste.

Health benefits of Coconut Water

Now where to get these coconuts from? Just look for them near the tropical coastlines. A single palm can yield up to 150 to 200 nuts in a season. Scientifically it is known by the name Cocos nucifera and belongs to Arecaceae family. The flavor and quantity of water found in the nut depends on type of soil and its distance from the shore.

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