Health Benefits of Guava

What is it about the guava? It comes in many types of health food products. You are told it is great for you. What is it about guava that can be so great, that can treat ailments, yet taste so good? A good look into this wonder fruit from Asia will be more than convincing. Not sure? Try one: the taste itself is worth it.

Grown commonly in most Asian countries, guava holds a unique secret that enable it to fight off illness, disease, and other body concerns that you might have. Eaten in jams, jellies, health drinks, or just plain raw, it is a great way to get healthy, and stay healthy. You might ask, what exactly does it help treat? The answer is quite more than what you might think. From simply having vitamin C to help you feel better to lypocene which might help prevent cancer, the guava is sure to please. Let us take a closer look at the Psidium Guajava, or more commonly known as the guava.

Health Benefits of Guava

Next time you go to reach for an orange, consider the numerous benefits and great taste of the guava

Can’t go? Go get a guava. Used for the treatment of constipation, this high in dietary fiber fruit can be a good alternative to horrible laxatives and prune juice. By simply ingesting the guava, you can free your digestive tract. This can lead to numerous health benefits as well! It allows for water retention, so that when you do go, you do not get dehydrated in the process.

Perhaps the problem is not being able to go, but needing to stop. The powerful astringents found in guavas help solidify fecal matter, aiding in the relief of diarrhea and dysentery. This may definitely stop the dreaded runs. Fiber intake is known as one key necessity in being regular, and as mentioned, the guava contains plenty of it.

Scurvy you say? This fruit that is overbearing in vitamin C content, can fix the issue of lacking vitamin C. It is believed by some to contain as much as five times the amount of vitamin C that can be found in oranges!

Weighing in? Guava may not only help those who are overweight, but those who are underweight as well. The fiber, vitamins, and other essentials found in guava help ease over eating due to hunger, but also help in absorbing nutrients that you need. It’s all about metabolism, and guavas can help.

Can’t see the light? The high amount of vitamin A found in guavas may be beneficial to your eyes. It may help preserve eye sight, and improve it as well! Now isn’t that a sight for sore eyes!

Common cold and cough got you down? As mentioned, the guava contains high amounts of vitamin C and iron. Both of these can be essential in fighting common illness. The guava can help disinfect the respiratory tract, loosen a cough, and reduce that nasty mucus.
Are high blood pressure medicines to expensive? Do you worry about the horrible side-effects? Or, are you just looking for a homeopathic solution. There is good news: the guava can help. By reducing cholesterol and not allowing it to stick in one’s arteries, guava helps promote better blood flow. This allows for lower blood pressure. So put away the blood pressure cuff and eat a guava already!

Still not convinced? Is its beauty skin deep? Just in case it might be, let it work on your skin. As mentioned, the astringents in guava help tighten thing up. That also goes for skin! By simply consuming the fruit, you ingest these astringents. They help renew the skin, and roll back the clock on aging. Say goodbye to wrinkles and crow’s feet; say hello to guavas. The high amount of vitamin A and potassium found in guavas can help keep your skin radiant and glowing.

Wounds, cancer, diabetes, oh my! This is not a one trick pony. Guava contains juice that can help heal open wounds. Its lypocene may even help beat the dreaded big C, yes cancer. Its hypoglycemic property makes the guava an appealing snack for those worried about high blood sugar. Its high fiber content allows for slower absorption of sugar in the body which makes it a must for those with diabetes.

While the health benefits of guavas are great, it’s easy to forget about the great tasting option it provides for getting your necessary fruit servings a day. Next time you go to reach for an orange, consider the numerous benefits and great taste of the guava. You’ll feel better knowing that the guava’s has your back.