Health Benefits of Peanuts

Peanuts are one of the most loved nuts around the world and are readily cultivated and exported from many regions of South Asia because they are believed to be the yummiest there. They are a very healthy source of monounsaturated fats needed by a healthy heart. Many nutritionists encourage the addition of peanuts in your daily diets and especially for those suffering from cardiovascular diseases. Studies show that the risk of cardiovascular diseases decrease up to 21% for an average American who consumes peanuts on daily or regular basis.  They also uphold the title of being the best source of protein from all the plants and are rich in energy. Peanuts contain many essential nutrients demanded by the human body for better performance.

Peanuts are used in many different ways. Its oil is readily consumed in dishes as well as to apply on swellings and the body parts. Also, flour of the peanuts is available which people use in preparing many different types of breads and chapattis. They may be used in boiled, roasted, salted, honey roasted forms. The most prominent example may be the roasted peanuts that are available almost everywhere in the world. They are used in many different cousins in many cultures. They are also use in the treatment of malnutrition since it is a rich source of many different nutrients. All in all peanuts are pin packed with energy and are suggested by experts to include in their diets.


There are numerous health benefits of peanuts. Then again, there are those prominent one that can’t be denied. As per being one of the most desired nuts, peanuts have always had a good competition with almonds for which nut is more desired. Surveys have revealed that almonds are preferred in only those areas where peanuts are not available abundantly. Basically there is a lot in stored in these little nuts. Below is a list of health benefits we gain from peanuts:

  • Fertility enhancement: because of the fact that peanuts contain folate, a substance that increases fertility, it is highly recommendable for women to adjust in their diets. Peanuts contain a good enough amount of folate in them and studies and extensive research has shown that a daily intake of 400 micrograms of folic acid (found in folate) increases fertility as well as provides good immunity to the child being born. Chances of miscarriages decrease greatly. Also abnormality and risks of neural or physiological disorder risk greatly. So a woman should especially eat peanuts if she wants to get pregnant and even during her pregnancy as well.
  • Anti-depressant properties: another great aspect about peanuts is its anti-depressant traits. They contain Tryptophan. This is basically an important amino acid which is used in the production of serotonin.  Now this serotonin serves as an anti-depressant and it is essential for the brain or else lack of serotonin from the brain cells may cause mood swings for it also deals with the mood regulation. All in all, it is essential to keep a person high and perky and the decrease of serotonin will bring negative effects upon the personality.
  • Rich in vitamins: peanuts are also a rich source of vitamins off many types. These especially include those that are most needed by our body. They are labeled as the brain food. This is especially because they contain vitamin B3 that assists the body in executing many functions. Chiefly it is needed by our body to feed the brain for normal functioning and to boost the energy of the brain cells. Hence, it becomes very important and must be a part of our diet. Moreover, it also came into notice that because peanuts contain vitamins like B3 and B2 called niacin, they facilitate in keeping your cognitive abilities intact. 70% of the surveyed people show that intake of peanuts has lessened the risk of schizophrenia and Alzheimer for them. Almost one fist of peanuts a day is enough to fulfill your brain requirements. Make sure you add a few nuts to your daily diet.

Prevention of gallstones: gallstones are a disease a problem that usually occurs in women. There are many treatments to it, there are many precautions as well; yet the yummiest precaution seems to be that of eating peanuts. We see that even here peanuts show their magic as a survey conducted over eighty thousand women has shown that those who consume peanuts or peanut butter or any source of peanuts daily or in their daily routine seem to have almost a 25% lesser chance of getting gallstones. This is astonishing for only one ounce of peanuts is needed daily to prevent gallbladder diseases. You may eat a sand which or in any form to get the nutrition present in a whole wheat bread with proteins, fibers and what not.