Health Benefits Of Pomegranate

There are always new studies coming out about the greatness of the newest super power bar or how healthy dark chocolate is. Yet another food has taken the health field by storm, pomegranate. Not pomegranate in general but more so its juice. It is said to have multiple healthy benefits.

There are studies in progress right now getting to the specifics of pomegranate juice and its relation to cancer curing. It has been shown in studies that pomegranate juice attacks breast cancer cells yet leaves good healthy cells unscathed. It could also hinder breast cancer cells from ever forming. This would be one of the world greatest discoveries if it can be truly proven to the word.

Pomegranate is said to have multiple healthy benefits

Pomegranate is said to have multiple healthy benefits

This amazing juice is also linked to the slowing of prostate and lung cancer in similar ways as with breast cancer, it does not prove quite as powerful for these types of cancers. Pomegranate juice also has been proven to help fight osteoarthritis. If these things can be prevented there would be so much less to worry about finding a cure for. Another great health benefit from this amazing juice is the protection of arteries. It is said to block plaque from ever entering into the artery. All of these sound amazing but are they true?

Studies are becoming more and more popular and the information is getting increasingly accurate. Scientists say that pomegranate juice is just loaded with antioxidants, which helps your body in a number of ways. It does indeed reduce your risk of cancer and inflammation .Apparently inflammation is the cause of many chronic problems.

Men seem to be adding unsweetened pomegranate juice to their daily lifestyle for prostate cancer prevention as well as erectile dysfunction. The effects of pomegranate juice on erectile dysfunction have been proven since 2005. A regular intake of pomegranate juice seems to be just what you need to keep smiling.

Pregnant women can benefit largely from pomegranate juice. The juice has folic acid which is a key component in every prenatal diet. Bananas are no longer the potassium to reach for. Pomegranate juice contains potassium as well which can help with cramps. Especially those pesky leg cramps many pregnant women experience.

Both men and women can enjoy the decrease of bad cholesterol and the increase of good cholesterol! Also the neurological benefits can be enjoyed by both, benefits of increased memory and brain activity especially for those with Alzheimer’s.

There are also signs that point to pomegranate juice preventing the plaque buildup on your teeth therefore reducing oral problems such as tooth decay.

It seems as if the majority of this super fruits power comes from the antioxidants it contains. Antioxidant polyphenols are the same ones that are found in black tea. Punicalagins and anthocyanins are different than most other fruits. Anthyocyaniins can be found in acai and blueberries which helps with bacterial infections, inflammation, and neurological disorders.

Punicalagins have not been discovered in any other food thus far. Scientist are combing through the details of punicalagins.

However all of these amazing benefits disappear if the juice is pasteurized in any way. The vitamins and minerals are taken out when pasteurization occurs. While shopping for your super juice be sure you buy 100% juice! No sugar added either. Apparently if there is a thick cloudy mixture at the bottom of the container, once shaken it goes away so no concerns. The thick stuff that settles at the bottom signifies the good stuff.

With all of these amazing benefits you can definitely see the obvious need for a supplement. Many anti-ageing supplements actually contain pomegranate extract. Some energy boosting supplements include it as well. Drinking pomegranate juice will not always be possible so a supplement can keep a steady level. Take a deep gander at the ingredients before buying a supplement to be sure you are getting your pomegranate extract as often as possible.

The benefits of this amazing fruit really do seem to be never ending. The studies all across the globe are constantly being performed and tested. Some findings will stay consistent and unfortunately some wont. Either way there cannot be any harm in adding pomegranate juice or extract in supplement form to your daily regimen. The antioxidants you get from the pomegranate juice alone are worth the extra effort. The extra vitamins and minerals along with the possibility of many other health benefits are just a bonus. Whether you suffer from Alzheimer’s hoping for some relief or are just the average Joe in need of an antioxidants fix pomegranate juice seems to be a great option.