High Heels and Your Health

High heels are not a fad it has turned into a never ending fashion in recent era. As you could see a propelling sea of woman’s every day wearing such heels all the time. Why is it so? Why woman cannot do without high heels? Even after having realized that wearing mere pumps leave their feet in painful condition then why don’t they realize the grave consequences of wearing high heels. It is a sad fact, alas, majority of the women do not realize this, as a result, put their feet on stake and up for a long lasting impact.

Why Women Wear High Heels?
This is one such question which should be answered in order to rationalize this choice of a woman; because doctors and researchers have been shouting out loud about the demerits of wearing high heels but it seems like women are not paying heed to them. Therefore, it is important for us to understand, why?

  • One major reason out of many is, women wear high heels to be noticeable positively
  • They also do so to exude their self-confidence or to boost up their self esteem
  • Apart from that, it makes a woman look taller and hence, also qualifies as a lucrative height increasing option for short heighted women
  • Moreover, high heels effect a woman’s posture in such a way that it ultimately accentuates the feminine look of a woman and makes her look more stunning
  • Last but not the least, another reason behind the popularity of these high heels is that they make a person look thinner than usual

High Heels

By keeping the above reasons in mind, we could say that women put themselves in pain just because of few ugly norms and behaviors in society; which, like to see and prefer a confident feminine side of a woman. As a result, women seek their hide out in high heels without giving a second thought to all the painful consequences which they will have to bear later on.

Having considered all these in mind, now we are going to shed some light on the grave consequences of high heels by pinpointing their side-effects.

Side Effects of Wearing High Heels

Heals, though, lure ladies into an abyss of high confidence and that is the main reason behind them opting out for high heels at most of the occasions but one can simply not deny the side effects of wearing high heels due to this rationale.

Being a woman, you should need to know that:

  • Your feet act as a shock absorber or as a weight disturber of entire body and when you wear heels, you shift all that mass on mere balls and toes of your feet as a result they get affected substantially
  • The higher the heels the more dreadful are the circumstances for a woman’s feet; you lose your natural walk and become prey of staccato motion as a result of abrupt transition of toes and eventually, you also end up damaging your nerves
  • High heels also put your ankles in a position which restricts the smooth circulation of blood in your lower limbs. Apart from that, it also leaves long lasting impact on your Achilles tendons
  • Continuous wearing of high heels shorten the growth of calf tendons and ankles as a result you have to walk painfully all the time
  • Osteoarthritis is another side effect of wearing high heels; it triggers because of the increase in stress on your knees
  • Moreover, the adverse effects of high heels could also be felt on outer hip muscles and tendons due to the confident posture which you have to wear in high heels
  • Another thing which gets affected by high heels in your body is your spinal cord; heels make you swing and also your spine in accord with the tread but this swaying is unnatural and causes adversities in your back. Due to this, you could suffer from sore lower backbone
  • Further you could also suffer from hammer toes due to these killer heels because 1 out of every 3rd heel wearer woman suffers from this ailment
  • High heels also increase the probability of you falling over your knees and have them broken or sprained in result
  • A bony enlargement can also appear at the back of your heel due to wearing such shoes which are not only high in heels but also have tight straps

Recapitulating, high heels though make you look extremely confident and add an extra zest to your appearance but you should not wear them all the time and you also need to bear in mind that higher heels cause you more damage. Therefore, it is necessary to stick to the intermittent use of high heels for a shorter period of time and also try to wear not more than 1.5 inch heels else your Achilles tendon would go shorter and eventually, cause you unbearable trouble.

Image courtesy: Fickr,  planetc1