Home remedies for baldness that actually works

The Webster dictionary defines “baldness” to be a state in which an individual has no hair on the top of his head. Although many male individuals and nowadays even females are seen to consider it to be a fashion statement, excessive hair loss leading to baldness could be the indication of a severe disease or indications of other health problems.

Scientifically speaking it is normal for anyone to lose 50-100 strands of hair daily and that is no problem, but the problem arises the moment the value increases this limit. Hair is part of the skin and so any issues relating to it (hair fall, excess hair even) are all problems that dermatologists or skin doctors deal with. There are many things which may cause hair to fall beyond the stated limit, some of the major factors include genetics, bad eating habits, age and in some cases excessive stress. For some people, issues like stress and poor eating habits affect them stronger than others, again this isn’t a rule of thumb and the actual reasons causing a specific persons hair to fall may vary just as much as each person varies from another person respectively. But a deeper analysis has provided some generally common things that can cause hair loss and at the same time, some easy remedies to help pro long the hair loss or cure it. These will be looked into in the next part of this essay.


Image courtesy: Flickr, Dave

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