Home Remedies for Bedwetting

If you are a mother then you must be very well aware of all those sleepless nights that you and your child had due to bedwetting. A condition in which a child urinates on bed while sleeping is commonly known as bedwetting; however, another term used for it is Nocturnal Enuresis. It is very common in children when they are growing up because initially they have lesser control on their bladder muscles. Further their urge to urinate is also not strong enough in the beginning to wake them up during the night. But by the age of 4, such children learn to have more control on their bladder muscles as a result bedwetting decreases over the time when they are growing up. However, if this situation does not alter in your child for quite some time then it is an alarming situation for you.

It is important to deal with bedwetting problems in child because such things could lead to shyness and social withdrawal in him. Now we would look at the effective home remedies to deal with bedwetting:


Cranberry Juice
Cranberry juice is very effective to stop bedwetting in children. It helps a child to have more control over his/her bladder muscles as a result he tends to urinate less during the night. What you are required to do? Give your child some juice before he/she goes to sleep


It is another good option to treat bedwetting. You should give it to your child every morning along with lukewarm milk. Then after an hour, provide your child with roasted sesame seeds and celery seeds to eat in equal amounts. Keep doing this practice for 2 months at least to have positive results

Apple Cider Vinegar
One can simply not deny the effectiveness and usability of apple cider vinegar in curing various diseases. Similarly, it is also very beneficial in bedwetting; you need to drop a pinch of it in a glass of water then you have to make your child drink it

Ripe bananas are very useful to control bedwetting as they bind the stomach and help preventing bedwetting. There are other many benefits as well for eating bananas so you should develop a habit in your child to eat them daily

Cinnamon Powder
A pinch of cinnamon powder amalgamated in a bit of sugar could also be very effective and simple cure to treat bedwetting. You can give it to your child by sprinkling it on his/her toasts in breakfast or his/her lunch and dinner. Cinnamon powder is a powerful remedy for bedwetting and will show you good results soon

It is another very effective product to deal with various ailments in humans. Therefore, do not forget to give your child a table spoon of it every night before he/she goes to sleep or you can also give honey-in-milk to your kids in order to keep them from bedwetting

It is also knows as Indian Gooseberry and is very beneficial in getting rid of bedwetting. You can crush two Indian gooseberries after deseeding them and then can add a table spoon of honey and a pinch of turmeric into it to prepare a mixture. Then give your child a tea spoon of it in morning to have positive results about the subject matter.

Olive Oil
These can also be used in bedwetting. All you need to do is, take few olive oils then warm them for a while. Later, put them on the lower abdomen of your child’s body for a while followed by a gentle massage for 10 minutes. Repeat this process for few days to have promising results.

Raisins and Walnuts
Do not forget to give your child 2 teaspoons of walnuts and one tea spoon of raisin every night in order to reduce the frequency of bedwetting among them. It is effective and easy to do tip in a way that children often enjoy it as a tasty snack so it is a good way to keep the treatment going in your child until you get something positive out of it

Herbal Tea
It can also be given to your child to treat bedwetting in them. You have to add horsetail, bearberry and oak bark in to a bowl along with water then boil it for a while; after that remove it from the stove but keep a lid on your cattle and let it cool off slowly. Then you need to give your child half cup of it twice a day and one cup one hour before he/she goes to bed in night

Bladder Exercise
Another cure to treat bedwetting in children is making them practice to hold urine. You can do so by making him drink a lot of liquids in the morning and then by asking him to hold his urine. This small exercise would help him in strengthening his bladder muscles and eventually, would contribute towards stopping and reducing bedwetting in children