Home Remedies for Bronchitis

Bronchitis is one of the common diseases which affect your respiratory system and cause inflammation in your throat. Apart from that, they are often followed by cold and flu which makes you so weak that you mostly feel drowsiness while suffering from this disease. It is majorly caused by a virus but at times bacteria’s also play their role in causing this disease. Though, it can be treated easily by opting out for home remedies but chronic bronchitis is more dangerous and therefore, should be treated with more care. Hence, it is advised to visit doctor in case of acute bronchitis.

Bronchitis is one of the irritating diseases which one could have in winters particularly. It makes you feel like having a pool of phlegm within you which is dipping from your bronchial tubes towards lungs. This disease could turn into a real mood changer if you do not pay heed towards its apt treatment. Secondly, it is so common that you would not feel like going to doctor for it every fortnight. Therefore, after having considered this below are listed few home remedies that you should opt out for whenever suffering from bronchitis


  • Firstly, do not resist coughing in bronchitis because coughing is good to take the phlegm out of your body. Therefore, try to keep your surroundings and atmosphere humidify whenever possible
  • Hot tub bath is another good option to take out the phlegm from your body
  • You should drink plenty of liquid in order to keep the phlegm from taking the condensed form and keep sticking in your bronchial tubes. Liquids would help you in keeping the phlegm in thin liquid form
  • Gargling is another effective option to appease your throat; it would not only help you in pacifying your throat but would also aid you in cutting out mucus from sensitive membranes of your throat which are irking you peevishly
  • Bear in mind that bronchitis is usually followed by flu and cold so it is best for you to take as much rest as possible because in such condition if you try to walk more or stand still then your condition would get worse even more and your immunity against these diseases would also be affected. Therefore, rest is of paramount importance during this ailment
  • Bronchitis gets treated naturally with time unless or until you do not fall prey to some serious complications like pneumonia, sinus or ear infection; if any of these signs appear then you should instantly consult your doctor for upright treatment
  • Usage of almonds under this disease can also prove very beneficial for you as almonds are famous for their healing power especially when it comes to respiratory illness. Because they are rich in various nutrients and vitamins and also contain magnesium, potassium and calcium within them
  • Apart from that, onions can also be eaten to treat bronchitis as they are natural expectorants and also help you in getting rid of mucus
  • Honey is another good option to cure this disease; it has been said that the answer of all diseases is in honey. So you can use few teaspoons of honey daily to deal with bronchitis
  • Lemons are another important thing which you can use to get rid of this disease as lemons are very useful in clearing out the passage of your respiratory system. Apart from that, they also help a lot in venting the mucus out of your body. So you can either have lemon tea or lemonade to cure bronchitis. However, mixing lemon juice in to lukewarm water for gargling is another good way to appease your inflammation in throat.
  • Another treatment to cure bronchitis could be application of bay leaf on your chest; soak these leaves in water then use them as a poultice to warm your chest area. You can cover these leaves with a small towel to keep them warm for a longer time period. They would help in reducing the inflammation in chest caused by bronchitis
  • Thyme is another herb which you can use to get rid of mucus and to strengthen your lungs and enhancing you immunity in order to help you fight against bacteria’s
  • Ginger tea is another expectorant to treat bronchitis or to heal your respiratory system so you can opt out for this option as well

Recapitulating, above are few of the many home remedies which can be used to treat bronchitis in home. But you should bear in mind that if your bronchitis take chronic form then you should run to your doctor for treatment because this disease can turn into a fatal one if not taken care of rightly or if it is in chronic stage. As your lungs can be affected by it; therefore, it is suggested to you to rush to your doctor if you see that the above mentioned pointers are not working on your ailment.