Home Remedies for Chickenpox

Chicken pox is one of the most common diseases among children. It is one of those ailments which affect your appearance; as the sufferer tend to develop boils or rashes throughout his body. This disease triggers through symptoms and symptoms of this virus start to show off their true colors after 7 to 14 days of getting them in the body. Therefore, the treatment of this disease also requires treatment of the symptoms.

Apart from that, this virus is not considered dangerous unless or until you have been suffering from weak immunity or immune system. Once a person is affected by this virus; then the virus stays within the body of that person for a lifetime and it may reactivate itself in later half of your life in the face of ‘shingles’. Shingles is a disease which is followed by chicken pox but it involves nerves and the areas connected to that nerve. Further, this virus of chicken pox tends to be very contagious and usually causes by bacteria’s of herpes family. Hence, it is of high importance that you should alienate the sufferer from the drove of normal beings in order to keep them from such contagious bacteria’s. However, it is also necessary for normal people to stay away from sufferers because even if you are in the same room with him or if you are even talking to the sufferer one on one then this virus finds its way to enter in your body in meantime. So, beware is a thought which you should bear in mind.


As mentioned earlier chicken pox is a disease of children but could also trigger among adults; it is a disease of symptoms therefore, it is important for us to know about the apparent symptoms of this disease in order to help identifying it in early stage. Fever is one that symptom which triggers in chicken pox along with rashes throughout your body; spots also appear in crops under this epidemic. Apart from that, you might also feel aches in body generally and in head particularly. Further, dry coughing and sore throat if appears in addition to the above mentioned symptoms then you should consult your doctor instantly.

Moving forward, when spots or blisters start appearing on your body then it would take 1 to 2 days for spots to reach at its peak of life. Afterwards, they will start appearing throughout your body for 7-8 days. The disease will run down the drain after 10 days approximately; when all of your blisters will be crusted over.

After having gone through the symptoms of chicken pox; now, is the right time for us to shed some light on the causes behind this disease in order to better protect our children and adults alike. The first and foremost cause behind this disease is varicella zoster virus which is a germ of skin disease; you have to keep yourself away from such germs. Measles and mumps are other reasons behind the attack of chickenpox on your body. Moreover, weather conditions also play a vital role in spreading chicken pox among young adults and children. The most favorite weathers of varicella zoster are winter and spring; hence, you should take special care of your family during these seasons to protect them from the consequences of chicken pox.

Now is the time for us to look at the possible remedies and cures of this disease which would not only help us in taking precautionary measures but would also aid in getting rid of this disease. The best part about the prescribed remedies is, they are natural or home-made in other words. Let’s now look at the suggested tips to cope up with this disease:

  • Maintain the apt level of water within your body as this disease causes dehydration and weakness; therefore, drinking water in sufficient quantity is very paramount during the suffering period
  • You should eat soft, fiber rich foods during this disease because the salty or spicy food would keep the sores in your mouth unbridled and hence, the disease would remain uncured
  • Do not wear tight or too skinny clothes to avoid inflammation of rashes or blisters
  • Avoid scratching your sores with nails
  • Taking cool bath daily would also help you in appeasing your pain
  • Apart from that, solution made of baking soda and water can also be applied with a sponge on the affected areas as baking soda helps a lot in dealing with itchiness and irritation on body
  • Soup made of carrots and coriander is also very beneficial for the sufferer of chicken pox
  • Moreover, honey is also a very good solution to chicken pox as it helps in healing the disease within a few days
  • You should also give a try to ginger as it is good in speeding up the healing process and in treating the itchiness on body

Lastly, try oatmeal bath in chickenpox as it is one of the famous treatments to cope up with this disease and to get rid of the boils or furuncles caused by it