Home Remedies for Fungal Infection in Toenails

For many toenail fungus may be tolerable, yet for many it may be intolerable. Well, it varies with the stages it has developed to. In its initial stage, it won’t bother you much, you won’t even notice it much, yet, as it advances, it becomes a difficulty for you and surely becomes a problem when you don’t really take care of it. Ignorance can lead to many problems and has bad consequences in the later stages of this toenail fungus. As the fungus at such a point of your body, that is, your feet, it directly affects your walk. It is not at all lethal. Nor does it cause any major problem in your body, yet, it hinders your ability to walk freely and move about much. Toenail fungus is in fact one nasty fungus and it appears bad as well. You are subjected to wear open toe shoes and refrain from coat shoes, boots, socks and any kind closed footwear.

Fungal Toenail

People targeted by toenail fungus:
Anyone can be targeted in such a case as anyone can be a victim of it. Yet, some people have a higher chance of getting toenail fungus. Here are a few who have more chances of getting fungus on their toenails:

  • Genetic or history of body and nail fungi
  • Slow nail growth
  • Heavy preparers
  • Slow blood circulations
  • Wearing socks or shoes all the time
  • Unhygienic conditions
  • Humid and moist conditions
  • Major diseases like AIDS, DIABETES
  • Weak immune system
  • Walking barefoot in damp places
  • Injuries etc.

Causes of toenail fungus:
There can be many causes of toenail fungus. As it is caused by a fungus, these microscopic organisms don’t really need sunlight for survival. A group of fungi is called Candida and that causing toenail fungus is called Dermatophytes. Yet, there are a number of yeasts or molds involved in spreading this condition. Trichophyton Rubrum, Truchophytin Interdifitale, Trichopphyton Violaceum and many others are renowned species of fungi that are involved in causing toenail fungus. These pathogens enter the skin through wounds and tiny cuts between the nail and the skin. The body heat and perspiration itself gives them the perfect condition to grow well and cause disturbance.

Symptoms of toenail fungus:
Nails affected by fungus are very visible even in their initial stages. The nails become thick, brittle, rigid, crumbly, dark, discolored and pale. Anyone can look and them and say that something is definitely wrong. In worse conditions, diseases like ONCHOLYSIS, conditions where the nail completely separates from its nail bed. Such conditions are painful, and the nail looks dull and gives off a slight odor. Another symptom might be the free lesions of skin, dermatophytids. It causes rashes and itchiness in the foot and is followed by the fungus appearing.

Remedies for toenail fungus:
There are many home remedies available that are 100% effective and many people use them at home to cure such medical conditions. You get the goodness of fresh fruits and natural ingredients. Without any side effects, you can easily get rid of them.

  • Bleach powder mixture:
    Bleach out the fungus with this ready to use mixture that guarantees help in such an itchy and yucky situation. The bleach water solution can be easily made by mixing mouth wash, chlorine bleach and lastly hydrogen peroxide. All of these are easily available in the market and you can get rid the fungus in no time. Using this solution for more than a month or two, you can get better looking nails in no time that hare healthy and fresh.
  • Use Vicks Vapo-rub:
    This is available in the market. Apply this paste to your infected toe as a whole so that the fungus leaves as soon as possible. There will be wonderful change in your nails in no time. It is to be applied daily for 5 minutes only for at least 2 weeks. Don’t stop if you see things getting better. Keep applying it for minimum 2 weeks.
  • Apply vinegar solution:
    Vinegar is available at everyone’s home and is often used for cleaning purposes. So as far as toenails are concerned, mix vinegar in equal proportions of water. Soak your feet into it for 15 minutes. Repeat this twice a day and see how you get wonderful nails in no time. Vinegar itself is really good for nails. It also acts to kill the fungi.
  • Use the oil to cure the fungus:
    Make use of natural oil to clean out the infection. Use oils like tea tree oil that is prepare especially from the tusk and the genuine baby leaves of the tea tree. It is highly effective in curing the fungus and secondary diseases or side effects involved.

Toenail fungus is verily curable at all stages. It might be painful if not taken care of. Over all, it does less harm and only limits mobility.