Home Remedies for Itching Eye

Itching eye is one of those annoying ailments that do not only affect your disposition but also make a huge impact on your appearance. Reason being, they form an important and prominent part of your face which is a first interactive point of a human’s body. If a face looks bad in appearance then it definitely affects the whole interaction with the other person. Therefore, it is very important to pay special attention towards taking care of your face and so as, it is also equally critical for a person to keep his/her eyes in right condition.

Itching eyes is one condition which occurs again and again after a while depending upon a person’s presence in a polluted and allergy oriented environment. This disease is very common in developing and under developed countries due to excessive air pollution. Therefore, it is better and at times, appropriate to treat such common disease of itching eyes at home naturally instead of rushing to the doctor for treatment.

eye itching

We now have a peek at the home remedies to get rid of itching in eyes and to cope up with the irritation and redness caused by it on face.

  • You can soak a piece of cloth in cold water and then place it all over your eyes to soothe the irritation and redness. It is one of the very basic tips to treat itching eyes
  • To soothe your eyes you can also use chamomile tea bags in surrounding areas of your eyes in order to cure this disease. It is another very effective treatment
  • You can also put cucumber slices all over your eyes in order to appease irritation and to treat itching eyes. As cucumber are rich with substances that are anti-irritation, anti-inflammation and anti-swelling for eyes. Therefore, you have often seen this tip under application at various health centers and beauty salons. However, you have to make sure that your eyes are clean and germs free before applying this treatment on them if you want to get quick results out of it
  • You can also soak a piece of cotton into cold milk and then place it over your eyes and on the surrounding areas to have some cooling effect and to get rid of the itchiness in eyes. Cold milk also works wonders in the treatment of this disease so you should give it a shot
  • You can also put one tea spoon of salt in distilled water and then later, boil it to prepare a homemade eye wash. Once it cools off completely after boiling then you can use this substance to flush off your itching eyes
  • Apart from the above mentioned pointer, you can make another eye wash at home by soaking two tea bags of green tea in distilled water then again, boil this water and then cool it off. Once it is cold, you can now use this homemade eye wash to flush away the itchiness of your eyes
  • Further, it is also good and healthy to intake a lot of water in order to treat itchiness of eyes as water keeps the eyes hydrated so ‘the more the better’ rule implies here
  • You can also put a lot of ice cubes in a bowl and then place two steal spoons in them. After a while, pick up a spoon and place it over your eyes for instant cooling effect. Repeat the process for other eye as well. Keep doing so unless or until you start feeling better
  • Moreover, you can also use witch hazel to treat this disease. All you need to do is, soak a piece of cotton in to witch hazel and then apply it in the surrounding areas of your infected eyes
  • Another very soothing remedy to treat this disease is, put aloe vera in to cold water and then dab a cotton ball into it. Place these cotton balls all over your eyes wherever you are feeling itchy. It is a guaranteed soothing cure for this disease
  • If you are that kind of a person who freezes vegetables then now is the time to take advantage of your habits. Take a towel, put your frozen vegetables into it and then place that towel over your eyes for 10 minutes. You would feel good about your itching eyes
  • You can also mix honey and warm milk in equal quantity to make a very effective eye wash which would not only help you in getting rid of itching eyes but also prove good to cope up with conjunctivitis
  • You can also apply shredded potatoes on the inflamed eyes in order to soothe and appease them as potatoes are natural astringent and helps a lot in this disease

However, bear in mind that if the above mentioned pointers are not working well on your condition then it is highly advised to contact your doctor immediately.