Home Remedies For Stretch Marks

Stretch marks are formed on skin after growth of weight and change in the form of body. These marks may occur due to ageing affect, dieting, menopause, pregnancy, use of steroids, heavy weight exercise in gym, bulkiness, slow or massive hormonal changes or any other form by which the body may gain weight and as a result it is changed from its previous form. The changes in body form cause scratchy lines formation on body that may be of pink, purple or white color. These lines generally appear on the skin above joints and curves on the body. The growth of skin pulls and stretches it and consequently scars like stretch marks are formed on it.

Stretch marks are mostly observed to be formed on the female body either on abdomen, back, waist, arms, lower back, legs, hips, butts, breasts or thighs mostly due to pregnancy and obesity. These marks are common in the females but males also get them. Obesity is the main reason of forming the stretch marks on human body. These marks are not there to be on the body permanently. With the passage of time they get lighter and almost fade away making them unnoticeable.

Females are mostly very conscious about these stretch marks which lessen their beauty and make them look odd. To get rid of these marks and to look beautiful a dermatologist needs to be consulted off and on. Such a treatment might be very expensive and unaffordable for many women, so they require some useful home remedies for stretch marks. It might get impossible to get a complete rid of the stretch marks but they may get less noticeable and their appearance may be reduced by adopting some useful home remedies.

These home remedies for stretch marks are the application of Egg whites, Lemon juice, Cocoa butter, Olive oil, Aloe Vera, Sugar scrub and rubbing of potato on the skin. The skin rejuvenates with the application of egg whites on the affected area of the skin three times daily. By the affect of the proteins present in the egg whites the stretch marks fades away gradually. It may seem to be an odd method to adopt but the minerals and vitamins present in a potato are helpful in restoring the skin cells and eventually the stretch marks fade away from the skin after rubbing a sliced potato on it daily at least once.

The stretch marks can be faded away by applying the juice of lemon on skin. A lemon can be cut into two halves and in a circular motion it can be rinsed on the skin containing the marks. After proper rinsing, the juice should be left to get absorbed in the skin for around ten to fifteen minutes. The affect of the acids present in lemon juice bleach away the stretch marks from the skin surface after some time. The skin gets moisturized with the application of cocoa butter on it by massaging it into the skin twice daily. When the skin is moisturized, its dryness finishes and thus the stretch marks fade away. The regular application of cocoa butter on skin may have very positive results on its form.

The application of olive oil on the skin daily is a good way to avoid having stretch marks especially for the pregnant women. The skin tissues are restored by the Vitamin E that is present in olive oil. The regular rinsing of olive oil on skin makes it soft and thus it can easily expand without causing any mark on it. Aloe Vera can be rinsed on the skin to heal it and to soothe it. Applying it daily on the skin treats it and diminishes the stretch marks on it. Another way to get away with the stretch marks is by making sugar scrub, adding some drops of oil and lemon juice in it and applying the paste on the affected skin. It helps in fading the stretch marks and in addition to it the sugar scrub give sweet smell to the skin. Applying almond oil, lavender oil and chamomile oil on the affected skin in addition to the above home remedies is also useful for removing the stretch marks from the skin.

The stretch marks are in no way hazardous to human health. They wither away by the passage of time after going through the passage of self repairing. However, women are conscious about their physical beauty and thus they feel embarrassed by the presence of such marks on their skin. To avoid such personal and social embarrassment, one has to adopt the above stated home remedies for getting good results and to get rid of the stretch marks from the skin. Eating healthy food apart from the adaptation of above remedies is also very beneficial in this regard. Fresh vegetables and fruits contain a lot of minerals that give life to skin cells and tissues and thus make skin healthier and less dry. Such remedies used in home are very useful for getting rid of the stretch marks.