Home Remedies For Urinary Tract Infection

Urinary Tract Infection (UTI) is another one of the common diseases in adults be it males or females. As the name depicts, this disease affects your urinary system and when we say urinary system then it includes all the organs such as two kidneys, urethra, bladder, two ureters, and two sphincter muscles. Hence, when doctor declares you suspect of urinary tract infection then it means the infection has penetrated into any of the above mentioned organs, forming your urinary system. One thing out of so many that you need to bear in mind is that, your urine is comprised of salts, fluids and waste material but it does not contain any germs in it. Bacterial germs enter in tubes which are connecting your kidneys to bladder as a result you could have UTI in bladder as well as in kidneys.

Urinary tract anatomy

Urinary tract infection in bladder is less exigent and can be treated quickly by going through a rigorous course of antibiotics; however, infection in kidneys tend to be more dangerous and is potent enough to leave long lasting damage on your any of the two internal organs. The bacteria which causes this urinary tract infection in urinary system is known as Escherichia coli and due to this bacteria, UTI causing germs could reproduce themselves in urine when it is in our kidney or bladder.

This disease has become very common now-a-days, 1 out of every 3 girls tend to suffer from this UTI and the number of males is also not less substantial; therefore, it becomes important for the authorities in general and for the individual in particular to take care of their internal organs and systems in order to live a happy life with lesser roam for diseases in it.

Now we will be looking at the symptoms of UTI in order to aid people in comprehending this disease a bit more; firstly, when you feel pain or burning during urinating then UTI could be one major cause behind this. Apart from that, when your belly feels stuffed and heavier than usual along with a surge in desire to urinate but when you go to the bathroom to appease your urge but very less quantity of urine comes out then this condition is qualified as a potent symptom of UTI. Moreover, if you feel feverish, shivering, nausea or any kind of pain in your kidney area then you need to immediately contact your family doctor. Bear in mind that when any of the above mentioned symptoms appear especially when you are pregnant, over 65 in age, or when you know that you are having diabetes or kidney problems or weaker immunity system compared to the normal being. Knowing is important as far as the diseases are concerned because due to knowing, the apparent symptoms act as a loud, louder or loudest alarm for a knowledgeable person.

After having gone through the information about urinary tract infection, urinary system and the following symptoms; now is the time, to cast a glance at the causes behind this disease because only then we will be able to take better precautionary measures and would be in a strong position to suggest useful and effective remedies. Females are more prone to this disease because they have shorter urethra than males as a result the chances of UTI germs moving upwards are far greater in females. Further, females who use birth control pills are also susceptible to UTI. If we look at other causes than long term use of catheter, kidney stones and weaker immune system due to prolong chronic illness could also qualify as strong causes behind this disease among adults of all genders.

Moving forward, we now have come to the point where we can talk about and discuss the easiest possible remedies and precautionary measures to not only cure this disease but to also prevent it from happening. The potent remedies for UTI are as follows:

  • Use a lot of cranberry juice when you are suffering from UTI because this acts as a very effective home remedy to cure the disease. Apart from that. You can also try cranberry capsules from bazar.
  • Do not hold onto your urine because in this you let the respective germ enter into your bladder and kidney which ultimately causes UTI in you
  • Be very vigilant about your hygiene
  • Avoid using products of opposite gender be it deodorants, soaps or other products
  • Increase your fluid intake in order to flush out this bacteria from your system and to keep up with your hydration level
  • You can also drink juice made of baking soda to cure this disease
  • Apart from that, you can also place a warm bag at your pelvic area in order to keep it warm and to relieve the pain

The above mentioned are few out of many home remedies which can be used as an effective treatment to UTI. However, it is recommended to be very careful about the causes of UTI in order to avoid this infection by taking in-time precautionary measures.