Honey Lemon Facial Hair Removal

If you are looking for a permanent solution to your hairy situation then turn to our home remedies. Many women face the problem of heavy facial hair and they seem to take up expensive methods to make it better. In reality, you do not need to go through such methods; all you need is a little bit of honey and a few lemons to do the trick. It is true that for women their face seems to be a prominent part of their beauty and they put up a good enough struggle to deal with it. If it is a dull complexion, we have efficient creams and soaps for it and numerous other treatments. Yet, when it comes to facial hair, all medicines, creams, and other treatments seemed to have failed.

how to use honey and lemon for facial hair removal

Alternative routes:

As this is a very old problem, many women have been facing it. They tried alternative routes, listed below are the failed attempts to remove the facial hair and improve the skin condition.

  1. Waxing: Women have tried waxing on their face but it gave opposite results to what they desired. For example, many allergies took over, the hair growth became heavier than before, their cheeks seemed to have swollen and the skin itself became loose. Therefore, it was a wrong decision going for waxing.
  2. Laser treatment: laser became much famous among women when a few doctors started it after getting proper training and executed it with responsibility and accuracy. Unfortunately, today, many unauthorized users have put laser technology to use as a source of income rather than facilitation for people. The results were awful, such as pigmentation, spotting, blemishes etc. Many times, even the skin had third-degree burns, which are untreatable.
  3. Hormonal medicines: Considering the fact that everyone has a different skin type and that medicine does not suit everyone, even a good medicine can cause harm to someone in the population. In the past decades, medicines have come into existence that tempered with the hormonal releases; it was supposed to lighten the hair growth. Yet, today we see that it works successfully as long as it is in use. When the dosage stops, so does the effectiveness of the medicine.

Herbal remedies:

After the prominent side effects of the allopathic treatments and medicines, people had to turn to something beyond chemicals and lasers. As many people were frightened by, the side effects induced by these allopathic treatments and turned towards the efficient herbal remedies. Today we see them asking for herbal remedies as an answer to their call. They had for too long borne the side effects and negative after effects of such medicines and treatments. So today, they turned to herbal and natural remedies again as an ideal to save their lives from any more torture.

Honey and Lemon:

Honey and lemon juice facemasks do really assist in removing facial hair. If you use the mask of honey and lemon, it removes the hair for the same time-period as waxing but you may apply it twice a week as well for better and fresher skin. The mask made from honey and lemon plucks off the hair and you must continue on a regular basis, at least once a weak. It does not cut the hair but plucks it out completely from the room confirming that it will not grow thicker than it was. If you continue this treatment for more than 6 months, all hair on your face will be gone forever with a guarantee.

This is completely natural and you can prepare it yourself at home, so it is a beneficial and healthy form of removing facial hair.

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