How safe is Splenda or Sucralose? – No calories Sweetener

The first sweetener ever to be discovered was in the 18th century by a researcher from Johns Hopkins University, where he accidentally tasted coal tar and found it to be sweet. This sweetener is saccharin and today it is commonly sold under the brand name Sweet-n-Low. A large number of artificial sweeteners have joined the group now and one of them is sucralose, which is available under the brand name of Splenda.

Splenda held a reputation of being safe for a long time, but now the situation has changed a bit and the mode has switched from “safe” to “caution”, according to The Centre for Science in the Public Interest. The New York Times states that by the end of summer this year, 11% of the food products will be labeled as “reduced sugar”. The target market of such products is the health conscious mothers and kids. So if you want to be a part of this bandwagon effect and are looking for a sugar substitute like Splenda, we can help you decide whether you are making a right choice or not.

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