How to Boost Your Energy Level

Your tough work schedule must be draining out all of your energy. Are you feeling so weak that you could hardly perform your work? Is fatigue effecting your overall work performance?

“Fatigue is the No. 1 complaint I hear from my patients and from the general public,” says Eva Cwynar, M.D., author of The Fatigue Solution: Increase Your Energy in Eight Easy Steps. “Women are told it’s either in their head or it’s because they’re having kids, raising kids, managing the household, working too hard or getting old. Fatigue is an illness. There are things we can do to get our energy back.”

How to Boost Your Energy Level

It’s about time that you kick fatigue out of your life! Here are some simple steps you can follow:

Make Changes to Your Diet
To get rid of fatigue it is important to make the right choices of food. Add a lot of proteins to your diet to stave off fatigue, especially in the morning when the cortisol level is high. Take eggs or a slice of ham for your breakfast or look for other high protein choices. Taking only carbs for breakfast will make you “crash early and hard.”

This is what Cwynar has to say, “People think they are eating right, but there’s a difference between watching calories and eating for energy.” She suggests eating small meals after every 3 to 4 hours to keep your blood sugar levels in control and also to save you from over-eating. You can add healthy snacks to your diet such as nuts, fruits, raw vegetables, string cheese, cottage cheese or beef jerky, these foods satisfy your hunger while giving you an energy boost. Avoid taking soy products and replace grain with quinoa.

Get a Goodnight Sleep
There are almost 50 to 70 million Americans who suffer from sleep disorders that result in energy drain. Cwynar suggests that to get a good sleep “you need to improve your bedroom hygiene.” She suggests keeping the television set out of the bedroom as it can work as a stimulant for the brain, even if it is off. Also setting a sleeping routine is a must. Always sleep and wake up at the same time daily. Also keep your bedroom cool as studies reveal a correlation between insomnia and high core body temperature. Also avoid taking exercise after 4 pm to enjoy a sound sleep.

Developing a good sleeping routine would provide you with the energy to keep you going all day.

Move Your Body
So you think you are too tired to exercise? Well, these excuses won’t work now, because studies reveal that “the more you move, the more energy you’ll have.”

Exercise can help boost your energy levels and also build stamina. Cwynar recommends burst training, which allows you to work up to your 100% capacity. It also helps to burn fats and increases your metabolism.

If you can’t keep an exercise routine you can try some physical activities such as gardening, walking, cycling or even dancing.

Get Your Thyroid Checked
“Although millions have a thyroid problem, only about half of cases are diagnosed,” says Cwynar. Hypothyroidism can cause symptoms such as anxiety, mood swings, impaired concentration, nightmares, weight gain and severe fatigue. You can get your TSH levels checked if you have any of the above mentioned symptoms by a simple blood test. Though most doctors agree that reading below 5.0 is normal, but Cwyner suggests that the levels should be lower than 2.5.

Stay Hydrated
With our busy lifestyles we almost forget to keep ourselves hydrated. What happens? Even a mere drop of up to 2.6% in hydration levels can cause fatigue, foggy thinking and crankiness. So whenever you feel your energy draining, fill up your body with H20. It will also benefit you in keeping your weight under control, as some studies reveal that people who drink more water consume 9% fewer calories throughout the day.

Cut down on Sugar
“A sugar-filled diet gives you about a birthday candle’s worth of energy, while a healthy diet is more like an eternal flame.”

Try to cut down “-ose” from your diet found in glucose, maltose, sucrose and dextrose, ribose is fine. Ribose is a special kind of sugar made by the body. It is also available in the form of supplements that you can take by consulting your doctor. “Ribose can help build the energy factories of your body.”

Also avoid taking syrups and refined grains.

Increase Your Magnesium Intake
When you want some extra energy to get you through the rough day, “top your veggies with toasted sesame seeds”. How will they work? They are packed with magnesium, a mineral required to convert food into energy. You can also find magnesium in pumpkin seeds, whole grains, leafy green vegetables and cashews. Strong bones and healthy heart and muscles are some added advantages of magnesium.

Power Naps
Power naps can also prove to be very powerful for your body. These energy boosting naps can increase your alertness, fix your mood, and increase you memory. It is also helpful in lowering blood pressure. All you have to do is close your office door or just lie down in your car and take a quick snooze for 10 to 30 minutes, preferably in the afternoon.

Seek Medical Assistance
If these lifestyle changes do not bring any relief then it is better to consult a general practitioner who can help you find the underlying problem of your tiredness.

Remember, “And what is a man without energy? Nothing – nothing at all.” – Mark Twain