How to Not Be Tired

Did you know the body has 3 different energy centers that require proper balance to regulate air flow, hot and cold temperatures, and water retention?

If one of these centers is out of balance you can become lethargic or over active, weak or become adrenaline dependent, lose or gain unhealthy weight, and have disrupted sleep patterns just to name a few. Not only are these disorders uncomfortable to live with but can also lead to a toxic body which could fester into disease.

If you have been exercising and eating higher quality content of nutrient foods and not seeing much progress in the way you look and feel, one of your energy centers could be off balance.

no more tired

The process of putting your body back in balance can take as little as 3 days up to a year depending upon how long it has been out of balance.

The body can become out of balance from stress, lack of exercise, over exercise, lack of eating, eating the wrong foods according to the air flow, temperature and water amounts your body requires, hormones, irregular sleep patterns, and extensive travel.

Most likely you have encountered a change in your life and have been adjusting to the effects it’s taken on your regular routine. Just as your mind has been adjusting, your body has also been trying to adjust.

If you do not have any health issues and you feel like you have been out of balance for 3 months or less, here is a 3 Day plan to help your body reset itself naturally.

For the next 3 days follow these steps.

1. Upon waking drink one glass of lemon water.

2. Sometime during the day stretch for 10-20 minutes.

3. Vitamin C foods

4. Go to bed by 10 pm.

5. Reflect on the changes that have taken place over the past few weeks or months. Breathe deeply as you release the stress.

These steps will help to heal and strengthen your body. They will help reset your body to begin a fresh start to your old routine or they will encourage you to begin a new routine that fits the lifestyle of changes that have transpired.