It’s every parent’s nightmare to find their child choking and not know what to do in such a critical situation. Help can be provided, but first you need to know what to do and it’s important to stay calm in this stressful situation.

If you’re a parent you’ve probably faced the following situation a million times. Your baby comes across some small object like a coin, walnut, peanut and it ends up in his mouth in a second. These objects can pose a real choking hazard and be really dangerous for your infant. Do you know what you should do in such a situation? Here are some basic steps you need to learn so that you can save your child from choking.


Step 1 – Assess the situation

  • If you notice your child making strange noises, coughs or can’t breathe when he opens his mouth he might have a foreign object in his mouth which is causing him difficulties breathing.
  • If your baby is getting quiet even though his mouth is open, and his face is getting red or purple it means that his respiratory passage is obstructed and you have to react instantly to help him start breathing normally.
  • If your baby starts crying excessively it can reject the object by coughing. But if his coughing is not very strong and it sounds as if he’s chocking he needs your help to discard the object which is obstructing his breathing.

Step 2 – Try to eliminate the object which is causing the obstruction

Give the baby 5 back blows

  • First you need to sit down and put your forearm in your thigh with the palm up.
  • You need to support the baby’s head with your palm (in a v-shape) and grip the baby between your forearm and your chest and put him in a head-down position.
  • Place the heel of your hand on the baby’s back and you need to give the baby 5 back blows. Don’t be afraid to use a bit more strength, he needs the strength to reject the foreign object.

Apply abdominal pressure

  • Then again support the baby’s head and roll his face toward the ceiling and pull him in between your hand and chest with a fine grip, with his head lower than his body.
  • With your free hand using two fingers place them at the center of the baby’s chest, right below his nipples and press firmly 5 times. This procedure should successfully remove the foreign object from the airways.

If this doesn’t work try CPR. Watch the video which will show you how to properly do CPR on a baby.